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Good News!!!

Rick Tornjeans has created a new CanadianGay group for us on Telegram messenger. Download the Telegram app and sign in and then click THIS LINK to join the new group on TELEGRAM.


CanadianGay eMail Group is BACK with a new service provider.
The new group is active now. To receive hot daily postings, just put your name, preferred email address, nickname, and general location in the form below and click Join Group button.


(In the location box, put your Province, if Canadian; OR your State, if American; OR your Country, if other)

That's it! You will get an acceptance notice shortly!

I will continue to post the Daily Gay History to subscribers.
You can subscribe to the GayHistory group HERE at Groups Io


You can mail me HERE at any time

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Thanks, Guys! I know you'll make both the CanadianGay group on Telegram, and the New CanadianGay email group work!

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