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Links - Gay Campgrounds:

Gay Campgrounds Across Canada

This is one list that has grown smaller since it was first published 12 years ago. For example, at that time I listed 3 gay camping areas in BC. Two of those have since closed. I have also removed the B&B listings, because those open and close like they are going out of style (maybe they are). And the tag "gay friendly" doesn't seem to mean much. Of those listed, I can personally vouch for Shadow Falls, The Point, and Plein Bois.
If you have any sites to add, specially in Atlantic Canada and the Priries, please let me know.

Shadow Falls, BC: Gay men-only Campground near Agaziz, east of Mission
CampOUT, BC: UBC summer camp for Gay/Lesbian youth.
The Point, ON: At Turkey Point - Men only, clothing optional campground
Riverside RV Campground, ON: Men only, in Land O' Lakes region.
Cedars Campground, ON: Gay and Lesbian campgrounds near Guelph and Hamilton.
The Ridge, ON: (Formerly Rainbow Ridge) On the Grand River, an hour north of Toronto.
Camping Plein Bois, QC: For men only, near Rigaud, west of Montreal, close to the Ontario border.
Domaine Emeraude, QC: Men only camping near Montreal.
Domaine de la Fierté, QC: Gay nudist campground near Montreal
la Halte 266, QC: Camping for men only
Mengo Camping Club, NS: A Private members Camping club for men only. You can join via Facebook