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by Mark James

I was over at Jake's apartment and we were watching the American Idol finale. Jake and I have known each other since kindergarten. We played together, played sports together and were generally inseparable during our formative years. We were often mistaken for twins in our young teen years.

Now that we are both 18 people have no problem telling us apart. We've formed separate identities. We both are 6 feet 2 inches, lithe, and well-built, brown hair and not bad looking in a boy-next door type of way. I'm in college and live at home. Jake went to work straight out of high school and lives in his own apartment.

I was sprawled on Jake's couch and he was sitting in a chair as we swilled beer and watched the show. After the finale results were announced and Kris Allen won I said, "I can't believe America did that to Adam Lambert. He's far and away the best singer American Idol has ever had. But I understand how it happened. Kris is as cute as a button. Women either want to mother him or go to bed with him. Fathers want him to be their son, and gays want to have sex with him. America didn't vote for the best singer; they voted for the guy they could relate to the best, whether or not he was the best singer."

"The reason I prefer Kris is because Adam is such a flamer. Kris is more like the guy-next-door, the guy you'd like to be best friends with, like you!" Jake opined.

"Thanks," I replied. "Yeah, Kris is the nice guy, but Adam has the talent, for all his flamboyance and make-up. He should have won! Even if he is a flaming fag!" I hated myself for using those terms, but there was a facade to maintain.

While I was pontificating about the injustice of the American vote, I was watching Kris Allen on television and thinking about how much I would like to have sex with him. Obviously he was my type as much as the rest of America's, even though I had not voted for him. I reached down and adjusted my cock in my shorts without even thinking what I was doing because I had a raging hard-on. It was readily apparent that I had a hard-on because all I was wearing was a t-shirt and tight shorts.

Jake had obviously noticed. He raised a quizzical eyebrow and asked, "Is that hard-on you have for Adam Lambert or Kris Allen?"

I replied without thinking, "For Kris Allen." Then I realized what I had said. I had had more than enough beers to let my mouth run away with me. I had just exposed myself to Jake and the world. I had probably destroyed a life-long friendship.

I got up and mumbled, "I have to go." I hurried toward the door.

Jake got up and blocked my way. He asked, concerned, "Jim, what‘s the matter?"

"I know you heard what I said. I just admitted I was a queer and I know that's the end our friendship." Tears welled up in my eyes. I was choking, trying to speak normally.  "Just let me leave. I'll never bother you again." I could't even look at him.

Jake put his arms around me and hugged me,and whispered in my ear, "Jim, I always guessed you were gay. You're my best friend. I don't care if you dream about having sex with Kris Allen."

I muttered, "You don't understand. It's not just Kris Allen. It's not just any guy I love. I love you and I always have."

"I love you too Jim. You know that."

I tried to squirm of his embrace. I cried, "Oh, Jake, you still don't understand. I don't just love you; I am in love with you. I masturbate at night thinking about sex with you. And now I've screwed up everything by telling you this, and I won't even have our friendhip any more."  By now, tears were running down my cheeks uncontrolled.

Jake whispered, "Jim, its you that doesn't understand. I've known how you feel about me for a long time. Quit trying to get away from me. I knew that you would eventually say something when you felt comfortable about it. I didn't expect it to happen like this. Like I said, I don't care if you are gay. Being gay's not something to be ashamed of, at least not to me. If you really want to have sex with me, let's go do it."

I stopped crying, astonished, "What do you mean, 'let's go do it'? You aren't gay, are you?"

"No,' he confirmed, "but you're my friend, and if that's what will prove my friendship, I'll do it. Let's go in the bedroom and get undressed. If you want to suck my dick, then tha's what we'll do."

"But, aren't you disgusted with the idea? With me?"

"No, of course not," he assured me, "Sex is sex, but when it's something that happens between people who love each other it should be a whole different experience. We have already admitted that we love each other. You can even pretend that I am Kris Allen if that makes you feel better."

Embarrassed, I told him, "I don't know if it will make any difference but I've never had sex with anyone before. I'm actually a virgin."

Jake laughed, "Welcome to the club, almost. You know, because I told you before, that my two experiences with Sandra did'ot involve fucking. The most she would do iwas jack me off and suck on the head of my cock, and even at that much, she was disgusted. I'm almost as much of a virgin as you are. Even as a newbie you'll probably give head better than she did. Now, if I let you go, will you stop trying to run out the door?"

I relaxed in his grasp and he released me. "God Jake, I'm embarrassed. I can't believe you're reacting like this to my deep, dark, shameful secret. You obviously had more faith in me as a friend than I had in you."

He reached up with both thumbs and wiped away the tear streaks on my face. He then took my face in both hands, leaned in kissed me on the lips.

I pulled back startled and cried, "Jake, you don't have to do that."

"Well, one of us has to get this started," he stated, as he leaned in and kissed me again. This time I didn't pull away. We opened our mouths and before I knew what was happening he was sucking on my tongue and I was sucking on his. I guess because we both wanted it, this was the best kiss I'd ever experienced. I had no idea that French kissing could be so enjoyable and so much fun. I had never had a 10-minute kiss before.

I looked at him in wonder and said, "You weren't kidding, were you? You do want to have sex with me!"

He chuckled, "To be exact, it's you who wants to have sex with me. I just want to contribute my share to cement our friendship. Just so you understand up front, I am not going to suck your cock."

"I will be more than satisfied sucking yours," I admitted.

He shocked me again when he reached down and stroked the bulge in my shorts and said, "We're gonna have to do something about that, also."

He took my hand and pulled me after him into the bedroom.

As we stood face to face next to the bed, he reached down and drew my t-shirt up over my head. Then he unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and let them fall around my ankles. He then squatted down and slipped my shorts off, untied my tennis shoes, and took them and my socks off my feet. Reaching up to my waist he pulled down my jockey shorts and slipped them off and stood up again.

I tried to cover my stiff cock but he pulled my hands away, and eyed me appraisingly.

"At least being naked you are not going to try to run out the door again," he said, as he looked me up and down. "I've never seen your cock hard before. That's a good six inches." He reached down with one hand and ran the tips of his fingers along the underside of the shaft of my cock from my balls to the head. I shivered and my cock flexed up and down seemingly of its own accord. "Sensitive, isn't it?"

"The beer is coming back. I have to go pee."

He laughed and said, "Me too. You go first"

When Jake returned from his pee break, I had him turn around and stand in front of me. I lifted off his t-shirt. Then I stroked his back with my hands. I wrapped my arms around his body by slipping them between his arms and his torso and stroked his chest and stomach muscles with my hands as I kissed the back of his neck. I reached down and slid down his shorts and jockey shorts. From around his back I took his balls in one hand and his cock in the other and massaged them. He must have been getting excited because his dick was semi-hard.

My erect cock was pressed against the crack of his ass as I reached around his body to caress everywhere I could reach. He said, "I hope you don't thing you are going to get that thing up my ass."

I laughed, "It never crossed my mind."

He said with a laugh of his own, "Yeah, I bet."

I asked him to turn around. When he did, he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me to him and softly kissed my lips.

He opened his mouth and licked my lips with his tongue, then stuck his tongue between my lips. I opened my mouth and he inserted his tongue. I gently sucked on it, and then returned the favor and he sucked on my tongue. The French kiss went on and on. My hand was around his cock and I could feel it become fully erect as we kissed.

I finally broke the kiss and knelt down on the floor in front of Jake, unlaced his shoes and took them and his socks off. I looked up and there was Jake's hard, cut dick staring me in the face. It was a good five inches long, topped with a nice bulbous crown.

Jake looked down at me ogling his cock and asked, "Is that what you want?"

I looked at his cock, and up at him, and whispered, "Oh, yeah!"

He asked with a laugh, "Since you've never sucked a cock before, do you know how to do what you want to do?"

"Don't be cocky. Pun intended. I've watched a number of cock-sucking instructional videos to get ready for such an event when it arrived, and I think I know pretty much what to do."

"Yeah, instructional videos — otherwise know as porn flicks," he commented.

Assuming an affronted tone, I told him, "From what I've learned from my constant perusal of the instructional videos the first step is to take the cock in my mouth to determine fit and then to slide up and down the shaft with my hot wet mouth. Everything else from there is variations on a theme."

I added, "Like this." I bent forward and took his cock in my mouth until my nose hit his stomach. I slowly let my wet lips close around his shaft and pulled my mouth back along the shaft until I reached the head. I held his head in my mouth and used my tongue to lick all over it. Then I sucked on the head and pulled my lips back over it and then forward again three or four times and let his cock slip out of my mouth.

"I think you have the technique and I think that is what is meant by 'Going down on me,'" Jake observed.

I said, "I think that's called deep-throating you, meaning that I took your entire length of the cock in my mouth."

I stuck out my tongue and licked the slit in his cock head and then licked on the head of his cock around and over again and again. Then I slipped the tip of his cock in my mouth and sucked the head into my mouth and licked the underside with my tongue. I then sucked on the head as I slid it out of my mouth. I did this again and again and again. Then I slid the rest of his cock shaft in my mouth and pushed my mouth along the shaft until I had it all. I buried my nose in his stomach as I savored the sweet feeling of having Jake's cock all the way in my mouth. I reached around the grabbed a muscular butt cheek in either hand and massaged them as I pulled forward to try to bury his cock further in my mouth. I slowly pulled my mouth back along the shaft until I reached the head, then I started a steady sucking of his cock, taking it all in and then sliding it back out.

Jake said, "Goddamn Jim, you're a fast learner. That feels fantastic."

I looked up at him and asked, "Do you like me sucking your cock?"

He exclaimed, "God, yes, Jim. Can I fuck your mouth?"

He reached down and grabbed my head in both hands to hold it steady, moved his cock forward and pushed this cock head against my lips. He pushed forward. I opened my mouth and he slid his dick all the way in my mouth and pulled it out again and then set a steady ramming and withdrawal motion, effectively fucking my mouth. I loved giving up control and letting him have it, letting him dominate me and use my mouth to satisfy his carnal desires. Eventually he stopped.

"Much more of that and I'll come," he expained.

"I thought that was the object," I observed.

"It is," Jake agreed, "but this is so much fun I don't want it to end."

"Is that a compliment?" I asked.

"Damn straight it is," he assured me, emphatically.

I wrapped my arms around his body and lay my head against his stomach and said, "I love you."

He reached down and stroked my head with his hand.

Eventually he pulled me to my feet. He leaned his head forward and started to kiss me. I turned away and avoided the kiss. He said, "What's wrong. I thought you liked kissing me."

I explained, "Yeah, but since the last kiss I've been sucking your dick and licking up your pre-cum. I know you don't want that in your mouth."

"Jim, I didn't realize what a prude you can be. It's my pre-cum and my dick. Just because you've been blowing my cock doesn't make your mouth dirty. Hell, if I could, I would suck my own dick, but I'm not a contortionist. Come on. Let's have another kiss. I enjoy them and I think you do too."

"Come here; lay on the bed on your back," he ordered.

I lay on my back. Jack straddled my body and sat down with his ass on my stomach. His head loomed over my face. He lowered his head and kissed me and withdrew and looked at me. He kissed me again and ground his lips against mine. Then he kissed my forehead and on both eyes and then he licked me on my nose. He placed his hands on my cheeks, framing my face and kissed me again. I gave him my tongue and he gave me his and we played suckee tongue with each other for five minutes.

Then he reached behind himself to find my cock and used his finger tips to repeatedly stroke it.

I warned, "Keep that up and I'm going to come."

"Can't have that," he agreed, and stopped.

I reached out and caressed his chest and stomach. He responded in turn and caressed me.

Jake's cock was solidly erect and oozing cum onto my belly. He said, "God that was erotic. For a beginner cock sucker you really know how to turn a guy on. Let's try something else."

He stuck a pillow under my head and then shifted up and sat on my chest so that the head of his cock was in my mouth. I didn't need any direction. I sucked and licked on the head of his cock, lapping up the oozing pre-cum at the same time.

I used my hands to touch and caress his body anywhere I could reach. I had wanted to touch his body for so long a time it was sheer heaven now that I had access to it. Jake ran his fingers through my hair and caressed my face as he sat there revelling in the erotic sensations he was feeling as I sucked on the head of his cock.

After about ten minutes of this Jack stood up and asked me to slide down about six feet. I shifted down until my feet touched the floor and I was only half way on the bed. Jack straddled by body again and sat down with his balls on my mouth. I opened up and took his balls separately and then together into my mouth, gently sucking on them.

Eventually he was satiated with my ball sucking. He stuck a pillow under my head again, shifted back a little bit and stuck his cock all the way in my mouth, He said, "It's time to cum."

He leaned his body over my head and lay his head and shoulders on the bed as his hips started fucking his cock in and out of my mouth. Here I was in cock-sucker heaven. I was under the control of a beautiful stud who was fucking the hell out of my mouth. This was such sheer joy for me I hoped that it would be a long time before he came.

After 1ten minutes of fucking my face Jake raised his body back up and took his dick out of my mouth. He said, "I'm gonna cum. Where do you want it?"

I said, "In my mouth."

He said in surprise, "You've never had anybody cum in your mouth before. Are you sure you want to try that the first time out? Do you want me to use a condom?"

"It might be actually the first time for me, but I've sucked you off and swallowed your load hundreds of times in my imagination. Fuck away and give me all you've got. No condom!"

He leaned his body over my head and lay his head on the bed again as his hips started fucking his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel the pace of his strokes speed up, could hear him mouthing grunts and could feel the muscles in his body tense as he headed toward climax.

All of a sudden he yelled, "UHHH", buried his cock in my mouth and shot off. I could feel his jism hitting my throat and could taste the tangy, bitter sweet flavor of his cum. I swallowed and swallowed as he released four streams of cum into my waiting throat. When he started withdrawing from my mouth I grabbed hold of his ass cheeks and stopped him from moving. I wasn't going to let go of my prize until it was a mere shadow of its former self.

I licked and sucked and cleaned his cock with my tongue as it withered in size and finally I let it go. Jake sat back on my stomach and just looked at me. He said, "That was goddamn awesome. Did you really like that?"

"You bet your ass. That was fantastic."

He leaned down and said, "Don't evade me, Jim. Open your mouth," as he kissed me with open mouth in a French kiss lasting five minutes. Eventually he broke the kiss and said to me, "It's my cum and if it's good enough for you to swallow it is good enough for me to taste."

I said, "You win. Now get off of me so I can jack off."

"Bullshit,' Jake exclaimed. "You're not going to jack off. Now it's my turn to give." He stood, turned around and sat down on my chest but never jacked my cock. He stroked it with the tips of his fingers, from the groin to the head, from the head to the groin. He said, "This seemed to have worked before. Let's see if it will get you off."

I could not see what he was doing but I could feel it. My dick twitched, my muscles tensed, and my body shook as Jake ran the tips of his magic fingers up and down my cock. The orgasm was building and I was holding it back but finally I caved in and cum flew out of my cock in white streams. Some hit my stomach, some got all over Jake's hands and a lot of it splattered his body. Jake wrapped his hand around the base of my cock, moved his hand up the shaft of my cock and milked the head to force all of the remaining cum out of my cock.

Jake stood up on the bed and started to go into the bathroom to wipe off my cum. I said. "Wait. Lie down."

He lay down, holding the hand dripping with my cum over his chest. I got up on my knees, took his hand and licked the cum off of his hand. I then leaned over his body and licked up all the cum I had shot all over his body. I went to the bath room and got a wet washcloth and towel and washed off his hand, body and cock and dried them, and then I did the same for myself.

I lay down on the bed next to him and we just lay there without speaking for the next five minutes.

Eventually Jake propped himself up on his elbow and his head loomed over mine.

He was about to kiss me, but I said, "No more kissing. You said you would contribute your part to this sexual encounter, but I don't think that includes eating my cum. On that note, now that we've both come, I bet you're sorry you ever agreed to have sex with me"

He said, ‘Bullshit." and French kissed me again.

I said, "Did I ever tell you I love you."

"More than once I think. There's more to this male on male sex, than I thought there was. Sex with my girlfriend was never like this. It fact sex with my girlfriend is like pulling teeth and I am supposed to be grateful."

He looked at me and asked, "Do you feel better or worse about yourself now? Are you sorry that I pushed you into having sex with me?"

"I feel better about me because of you," I told him. "You not only accepted me as gay but gave me the gift of your body with no reservations or condemnations. I'm glad you took the imitative, otherwise I may have just left. I never realized that I could be gay and have sex with you and you could be straight and enjoy sex with me. But now we have to live with being more than friends. It will change our relationship. Sex adds a whole different dimension to any relationship."

"I know you're willing to have sex with me because that is what you wanted. I'm willing to because it is what you want. I may not think I am gay, but I am obviously bi-sexual at least, because I really get into having sex with you. We'll see where this leads."


We got dressed and went back to the living room. I said, "It's after 11:00 and I need to go. Tennis court tomorrow at 6:00 A.M., right?"

He said, "Right! See you then!" And leaned in and kissed me good night.