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CanadianGay Library Shelf Presents:

by Mark James

I was in a fast food restaurant having coffee at around 6:00 in the morning. I was sitting at my table surreptitiously checking out the young males who came and went. It’s all right for men to ogle passing females but, other than in gay areas, checking out crotches can get a guy in trouble.  Especially me, since I’m a chicken hawk. A guy can always fantasize. Since I am a fat, bald, 68 year old retiree generally all I get to do is look. Being a chicken hawk gets more and more frustrating the older one gets because the age gap keeps growing but the desire is the same.

In any case, the restaurant door opened and I glanced up and couldn’t look away. I stared. In walked a young man who fit my sex desire specifications to a tee. I felt a stirring in my loins as I stared at him.

Actually, without Viagra, a stirring was all I would get. I had long ago left the “instant erection” and “morning woody” stage of life. That puts the damper on mutual casual sex, but doesn’t eliminate the ability to service the occasional young stud who wants his dick sucked.

He glanced at me and walked to the counter. I realized I was staring and averted my gaze. After he had received his order, he turned and walked to the condiments counter which took him right by me. I looked up and glanced at him and he looked at me and smiled. I was nonplussed, but I managed to give him a sickly smile as he walked by. I couldn’t stop myself from glancing down at his crotch as he passed. I know he saw me.

It's one thing to check out the “cuties;” it's another thing to be recognized as a queer by one of the "cuties", much less to have one of them respond to the eye contact. He got his condiments and went to a table on the other side of the room from me, sat down and ate his breakfast. "Other side of the room" in this case meant about 20 feet. I looked over at him occasionally while he was eating, to admire him. He was concentrating on eating and wasn’t looking around.

In one of my glances, I caught him looking right at me. He’d finished eating and was drinking his coffee, so he too was looking around. He smiled at me again. This time I gave him a much better smile in return and nodded my head in acknowledgment. He nodded back, but kept staring at me. I looked away for a while and then glanced back. He was still looking at me and his hands were massaging his crotch.

I glanced at his crotch and then back at his face. He smiled and shook his head gesturing "Yes." I felt lightheaded. Was this guy interested in me ? Well, maybe not interested in me as a sex partner, but was he saying that he'd let me suck his cock?

I looked back at him, met his eyes and gestured "Yes" by nodding my head. He got up and dumped his trash in the bin by the door. I looked over at him and he met my eyes and groped his crotch and then he turned and walked out the door.

I was dizzy, frantic, panicked and undecided what to do now. This guy was young, tall, fresh-faced, lithely, muscularly built, and cute, and had given me the come-on. Was I going to just let him walk away? I was never one for taking chances, and blatantly picking up, or being picked up, like this in a public restaurant was beyond my experience. My legs felt like rubber and I didn’t know if I could even stand up, much less stay up. My blood pressure was having a roller coaster ride. Oh, the joys of old age.

But I got up and stumbled as I headed for the door. A guy grabbed me to keep me from falling and said, "Take it easy old timer" as he raised me back upright. I said, "Thanks. I think my legs went to sleep."

I didn’t know what anybody else in the restaurant had seen or inferred about the interactions between the young man and I and, at the moment, I didn't really care, although I might later. From the time he smiled and stroked his cock the world around us receded until there was just he and I in it.

Any other gays who might have been in the restaurant and who were watching would have known what was going on. They'd probably have a sense of amusement, jealousy, envy or would be saying to themselves, "Go for it, man! Go suck his cock!"

After taking what seemed like hours to get from my table to the door, I got outside. I expected him to be long gone. I was sure now that I'd misinterpreted the interplay and that I was making a fool of myself. But there he was standing by the door of his car. He saw me and gestured with his head for me to come over to him.

I went over to him. He said, "I'm gonna move my car into the center of the large parking lot behind us. Why don't you meet me over there?"

I gulped and croaked, "OK."

He got in his car and backed out as I went to my car. I couldn't have walked the distance to the center of the parking lot if my life had depended upon it. I felt I was lucky to able to walk to mine. Now I had time to wonder again what the people in the restaurant had noticed.

I drove over to where he had parked his car and parked next to him. I looked over at him sitting in his car. He leaned over and pushed open the passenger door of his car. I got out of my car and went over and got into his passenger seat and shut the door.

I didn’t say anything. I wasn't in control and I felt like a stupid 68-year-old child with delusions of grandeur. He asked, "You are queer aren’t you?"

I objected to the term "queer" in context. I don't know why. In the throes of sexual domination role-playing I love to be told things similar to, "Suck it, you queer!" or "Take it all the way, fag." "Eat me, cocksucker," is one of favorite commands.

I said, "Yes, I’m gay."

He said, "Good. I didn’t know whether you wanted my cock or not. You do want to suck me off don’t you?"

I said, "God, yes!"

He smiled. "Good, I’m horny as hell!" He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erect cock and balls. "I’ll keep watch while you suck my cock. There's hardly anybody out and I can see anyone approaching the car. Can I come in your mouth, or do you want me to pull out before I cum?"

This whole thing seemed surreal to me. I wasn’t sure whether it was genuine or not.

He pushed his seat back as far as it would go so I could have room to get to his cock in order to suck it. I begged him, "Please come in my mouth."

I looked at his crotch. He had a nice cut 5-inch cock with a large crown. It looked delicious.

He ordered me, "Eat my dick, Daddy," as he reached over and pulled my head down to his cock.

I mumbled, “Oh yeah, Son! Let your daddy suck on that cock," as I started licking on the head of his dick.

He had pre-cum oozing out of his piss slit and I licked it up as I murmured "Ummm," and stuck my tongue in his slit and swirled it around gathered up his pre-cum as it oozed out. I took his cock in my fist and slowly jacked it as I licked on the head of his cock.

He seemed to like that. I slid my lips down his crown until I had it all in my mouth and gently sucked on it for a while.

I removed my hand from his cock, grabbed his balls and slid my wet lips down his shaft until they reached the pubes. I had it all in my mouth.

He grabbed my head and held it there, squirmed in his seat and said, "Yeah, Daddy, that’s good! Eat my whole dick”. He bucked his hips as if fucking my mouth, but he never let go of my head, so he never created any friction, but he seemed to enjoy squirming around with his dick buried in my mouth.

He let go of my head and said, “Suck me, Daddy. Suck my cock.”

I let my lips slide up his shaft until it was almost out of my mouth and then went down on it again. I went up and down his shaft with my mouth for about five minutes.

As I was at the top of his shaft he grabbed my head and held it still. He bucked his hips up and down, fucking me in the mouth with his cock.

He said, "I’m gonna fuck you, Daddy. I’m gonna fuck that hot wet mouth. Take my cock, you cocksucker. Eat my dick, Daddy. Suck it” and more of the same as he sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly fucked my mouth.

Eventually he told me, "I’m gonna cum in your mouth, Daddy. I’m gonna make you take my cum. I’m gonna get my rocks off in your mouth." He increased the rapidity of his strokes in my mouth and I could tell that he was going to ejaculate. He yelled, "Take it, Daddy, eat my cum," as he came in my mouth. It splattered all over the inside of my mouth and I savored the taste. He pushed my head all the way down on his cock and shot off four or five more times, flooding my mouth with cum, saying, "You like my cum, Daddy? You like drinking my juice, cocksucker? Drain me, Daddy. Drain my cock."

I swallowed his cum and then, since his cock was still hard, I went back to sucking it. Up and down. Up and down. Then I licked the cum off the head of his cock and using my tongue I licked the cum out of his slit. His cock finally lost its erection.

I sat up and said, "Thanks for letting me suck you off."

As he was cleaning off his cock and putting it away in his pants he said, "Hey man, you have a talented mouth. That was a great blow job."

I said, "Can I suck you again sometime?"

He said, "Sure guy, Let me give you my cell number." He scribbled it down on a scrap of a cigarette package, and I stowed it carefully away.

I got out of the car and he drove away.

When he was gone and I was alone in the parking lot, it all seemed like a dream.

The next day I was back at the restaurant drinking my coffee. A guy about my age came up, leaned down and whispered to me, "Did you get to suck his dick?"

I said, "Yes, in the parking lot."

He gave me the thumbs-up sign and moved on.

A few minutes later another nice-looking young guy came up and asked if he could sit down. I said, "Sure."

He asked, "Did you and the other kid hook up yesterday?"

I smiled, recalling it. "Yeah."

"You give him a blow job?"

"Why do you want to know?" I demanded.

"Because I have a big dick and I'm looking to get it sucked, if you're interested."

"I'm interested," I assured him.

It looked like that one casual encounter was leading on to bigger and better things