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Drunk Marine
by Opium Troubador

One of the reasons I joined the Marine Corps years ago was to have access to straight marines. Even though I have been out of the corps for a few years now, I still maintain the look and can easily pass for an active duty marine. This makes my ability to approach other marines relatively easy as I give off a sense of brotherhood and Esprit De Corps. In no way can people ever detect the fact that I’m gay which gives me an advantage when out on my “Stealth” runs.

When I talk about my "Stealth,” runs, I’m referring to when I drive out late at night and pick up drunk straight guys and have my way with them sexually.

Having been stationed on Camp Pendleton near the city of Oceanside CA, Oceanside has been one of my favorite locations to conduct "Stealth" runs because they usually involve drunken marines.

On August 18, 2001, I took a trip to Oceanside to visit some of my old watering holes and go stealthing for Marines. About 2:45 A. M. having found nobody to my liking I decided to take a drive down by the beach. While driving out of the parking lot I noticed someone lying in the grass by the sidewalk. I saw that it was a very young marine. I kept going and drove around the block, went through the parking lot again and stopped by the curb next to him. When I got out I saw that he was passed out cold from being drunk.

He only made groggy noises and breathed heavy as I tried to wake him. Since nobody was around this was my chance to abscond with him. I quickly opened the passenger seat door and laid the seat down so I could get him in the car easily. I picked him up by his arms and stood him up. He could barely stand but he was conscious enough to let me walk him backwards to the car. He stumbled and as I held onto his shoulders to steady him I ground my crotch into his hands which were behind his back trapped between his body and mine. It was a turn on to rub the bulge in my jeans against his hands knowing he was too drunk to object. Within a matter of seconds he was in my car and we were on our way.

At the first red light I put his seatbelt on him and slowly ran my hand over his crotch just to test the waters.

He reacted a little but he was still incoherent. I drove around for at least a half-hour while I admired his beauty. He was young, at least 6'3", with a lithe sculpted body, short blond hair, strong chiseled jaw, a pair of the most beautifully shaped lips I have ever seen and handsome facial features. He wore white sneakers with white socks, a blue tank top, and black baggy nylon running pants with the button down sides. His shorts had slid down a little, revealing that he wore no underwear.


Soon he was snoring heavily and his rhythm didn't change even when we drove over bumps and potholes and his head was tossed from side to side. Unable to resist my lust, I found a dark quiet place and parked. He was snoring really loudly and I decided to check out his cock. I reached over and felt his crotch. He was still soft. His pants were so loose and baggy that there was no problem when I pulled them down to his knees giving me full view of his package. Sure enough his dick was still soft but nonetheless it was at least 6" cut and his balls hung down between his legs halfway to his ass. Listening to his steady snoring I figured he was out of it and it was safe for me to fondle his dick. I began to jack him slowly and his cock grew quickly until he was really hard.

Unable to resist, I put his dick in my mouth and sucked and licked on the head, gently at first, but realizing that he wasn't moving; I deep throated him and sucked on his cock even faster. His cock had to be no less than 8" long and thick.

 Still sucking his dick, I looked up and in the moonlight could see his glistening saliva drooling down the side of his cheek. It was such a turn on that I let off sucking his dick and started kissing his beautiful lips. The strong smell of alcohol on his breath was an aphrodisiac to me. I licked his upper then lower lip, trying to stick my tongue in his mouth. His sweet saliva was like honey as I lapped up the drool from his cheek and his lips and stuck my tongue inside his lips and ran it along his teeth. It was at this point, when I tried to forcefully suck on his tongue, that he started slowly shaking and moving his head. I had to stop and let him go back to sleep.

After putting his dick back in his pants and adjusting them, I turned on the car and drove off. Within ten minutes he was once again snoring. This time I pulled into a park near the beach. There was nobody around so I got out and scoped out the place just to make sure we had some privacy. Having made sure that the coast was clear, I opened his door, unfastened his seatbelt, pulled him out and dragged him about five feet from the car.

I laid him face up on the grass then returned to the car and put a cassette in the player. I sat next to him, lit a cigarette and waited for a few minutes until his snoring resumed deeply and rhythmically, Just laying there with his arms at his side and his legs spread just slightly he was a true beauty Throwing my cigarette away, I got on my knees between his legs and pulled his pants down and sucked his cock.

A couple of minutes of my sucking and stroking made his cock hard again. I deep throated him while massaging and playing with his balls.

Then turning my primary attention to his balls I licked them gently and tenderly while stroking his dick. I ran my tongue from one nut to the other then sucked them into my mouth one at a time. I then licked up the shaft of his dick where I stopped and concentrated on the head, sucking it and licking in his piss slit as I lapped up his pre cum. I sucked on his cock and balls for a good ten minutes.

His snoring grew louder and I grew hotter with each grunt he made. Playing with and sucking on his cock wasn’t enough. I had to have his dick up my ass. I took off my boots, jeans and underwear. Squatting with my asshole positioned over his dick still wet with my saliva, I used my spit to lube my asshole, and then slowly and gently slid my ass down on to his cock until the cock was buried to the hilt inside me.

After the initial discomfort of taking his cock up my ass wore off, I relaxed and slowly rose and then sat back down on his cock, sliding his hard meat in and out of my tight asshole.  It was heaven as I increased the pace with which I fucked myself on his cock.

He was completely under my control and to show my ability to humiliate him I grabbed my underwear, that a few minutes earlier held my own uncut dick, and placed the crotch over his mouth. It was a turn on to see my underwear resting on his face so that he had to breathe in the scent of my sweat on my shorts.  I stroked my own hard cock as I rode his dick faster and faster until I was ready to explode.

Unfortunately, with my feverish riding, I sat down on his dick a little too hard and he began to move. Though ready to explode, I quickly got up, grabbed my underwear from his face and pulled it on. He rolled onto his left side and curled up into the fetal position as I put my jeans and boots back on. Fortunately he did not wake up and his pants were still down a bit, which made it easier for my next venture.

Lighting another cigarette, I dressed myself and contemplated my next move for a couple of minutes. I got a rag from the car, wet it and washed off his cock. I knew I might have it in my mouth again later on. I then sat back down next to him, and then gently ran my hand across his beautiful ass. He was snoring deeply again and ever so slowly I pulled his pants down exposing his firm white ass. Tenderly I massaged his ass cheeks while probing with my wet index finger at his asshole. It was sweet.

Sticking my finger inside his asshole, I found that it was a tight fit, obviously nothing had ever penetrated him before and he was probably a virgin when it came to being fucked in the ass. It was too bad that I would not be able to fuck his asshole nestled between his sweet bubble butt cheeks with my hard cock but that was too risky.

Slowly I kissed his ass and licked his butt cheeks. This was awkward to do with him in the fetal position, so I slid him onto his stomach, lay his head sideways so he could breathe properly and lay his hands extended in front of him. Licking his ass again I licked my way to his crack. I ran my tongue into it until I was licking on my prize, his sweet hidden asshole. Each time I probed there with my tongue I licked on his ass hole. I could feel his sphincter muscles tensing each time my tongue licked on his asshole.

I spread his ass cheeks completely apart using my hands and fully enclosed his asshole with my mouth and sucked on it.  Purposely I slobbered saliva on his asshole which made for plenty of lubrication as my tongue continued to snake its way deep inside. His man scent was incredible, so musky yet so fresh and innocent. It was intoxicating and I was so stimulated that I was afraid I might blow my load in my shorts. I slobbered more and more then swallowed my saliva back into my mouth after it had mixed with his sweet young manly ass sweat. I sucked, licked and rimmed his asshole while using my thumbs to spread his asshole so that I could tongue fuck him way up his anal canal.

I just knew that if he was awake he would be writhing in ecstasy. Unfortunately he would never know how his tight sweet young marine ass had been used to provide sexual pleasure to me or how much I regretted not being able to hear him yell out in pain and ecstasy as I rammed my cock in and out of his virginal asshole and finally blew my load inside his ass. But I knew and I was beside myself with lust over his unconscious body lying on the grass in front of me available for me to do whatever I wanted.

With wave after wave of erotic sensations travelling throughout my body, I was about to shoot a load the likes of which I had never seen. But I wasn't about to let this beautiful, hot, muscular stud get away without taking my load in his sweet innocent mouth. That was part of what my stealth runs were all about, it was not just me sucking straight cocks until I pulled their sweet cum load from their hard erect cock into my waiting mouth, but about making them, although unknowingly, take my cum load in their mouths. If they had volunteered to suck my cock I would have been turned off. I got part of my thrill from making them take my load and not remember it.

I rolled him over on his back, pulled off my shorts and jeans, straddled his chest and knelt in front of his beautiful face. I used my dick to spread my pre cum on his lips. His mouth was hanging slightly open and I squeezing my cock head and leaked pre cum in his mouth.


It was an erotic turn on to see my pre cum glistening in the moonlight on his pink lips and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had to cum now, while he was unconscious and I had his mouth open ready for me to shoot my cum down his throat. I really wanted to shoot my load in his mouth and then French kiss him as I sucked my own cum back out of his mouth and swallowed it, but that would surely wake him up. I had to take what pleasure I could get out of dropping my load in his mouth.


I wrapped the fingers and thumb of his right hand around my cock and holding onto his hand I made him jack me off. With the sensations caused by the stroking motion of his hand on my dick, it was ready to explode. It wasn't after more than a few seconds of me jerking myself off with his hand that I came with a vengeance. My cock was aimed at his lips and my cum hit them with such force that I could hear the initial splash. I continued to shoot and my cum went onto his nose, cheek, ear, and the back of his neck and head.

My cum dripping off his lips was a sight to see. Now I had to get it in his mouth. Using the head of my dick, I spread my cum over his lips. I used my left hand to spread his lips apart then used my dick like a squeegee to push my cum from his nose and cheek into his open mouth.

I slowly pushed half of my cum covered cock into his mouth and pushed it in and out of his lips until most of the cum was in his mouth.

I then withdrew my cock before he bit me or woke up and then licked my cum off of his lips and face until most of it was gone.

I went to my car, grabbed a towel that I keep for such occasions, and wiped my dick off. I went back to the marine and gently wiped him clean; making sure all the cum, evidence that he had taken my cum load on his face and in his mouth, was gone. He would never know that he was a cocksucker and had eventually swallowed down a mouthful of a cocksucker’s cum. Damn, just thinking about that was giving me an erection again. I returned the towel to the trunk of my car; smoked another cigarette and then picked him up and dragged him back into the car.

He had not woken up at all. What if he had awakened? He was to drunk to stop me, but I didn’t want to use force and I would probably have just gotten in my car and driven away. It was a tense and exhilarating experience. The ever present danger supercharged the sexual excitement and stimulation of the marine rape experience.

What I really wanted to do was take him a sound proof room somewhere, spread eagle his luscious hard body on the bed on his stomach and tie his arms and legs down so that he was absolutely at my mercy.

Then I would spend about 2 hours licking and fingering his asshole as I enjoyed his ecstatic moaning and groaning. I would introduce lubricated butt plugs and dildos up his ass to get it ready to accept my hard cock. Then I would enjoy his screaming and yelling as I rode his ass to climax and filled his ass with cum.

I would then fill his ass with a butt plug and lock it in with a harness.

 Flipping him over, I would then take the next hour to suck and lick on his cock and balls as I brought him to close to climax without allowing him to reach orgasm. I would enjoy the way he writhed in ecstasy and he moved his butt constantly to cause the dildo in his ass to massage his prostate. When he finally begged me to let him cum for the fourth or fifth time, I would suck him off and let him fill my waiting mouth with his cum juice as he yelled out with the pleasure of his sexual release.

It would be the most wonderful sex he ever had as he ejaculated form the pleasure generated by my wet mouth sucking on his hard cock and a dildo filling his ass and pressing against his prostate.

But that was not going to happen, at least, not tonight and not with him

Feeling tired now, I mustered up the energy to wake him up and find out where he was stationed. It took some doing but I managed to get him semi-coherent and asked him where he needed to go. He groggily said that he was staying at a motel with a bunch of other marines. I managed to find out his name, the name of the motel and that he was only 18 years old. Still in a drunken stupor, he asked where he was and why he was with me.

Always quick to come up with rational responses, I told him that I had found him passed out on the sidewalk and that a couple of punks were walking in his direction. Fearing that he would be mugged, I picked him up, as one marine would do for another, and got him out of the situation. Though his eyes were still closed and he was still drunk and out of it, he thanked me for helping him out. I told him that the cops or the military police could have picked him up as a drunk and tossed him in the can until he sobered up. Not something he would want to have to explain to his commanding officer.

He noticed that he had grass on his clothes and began to try to brush it off but was so drunk he was totally uncoordinated. Sensing another opportunity, I began to help him with his task. Seeing that I was brushing the grass off of him, he relaxed once again and let me continue without any objections. I brushed it off his arms, chest and stomach. It wasn't until I began to brush it off of his legs and his crotch that he began to protest.

Each time my hand would brush against his bulge he would quickly cover it with his right hand and push my hand away with his left. He knew what I was up to at that point and continued to resist and continually said, "Stop dude". But I got bolder and bolder and could feel his cock getting harder and harder every time I stroked the bulge it was making in his shorts. With the combination of my persistence and his intoxication, he finally gave up trying to stop me.

I pulled his pants down and saw his cock was hard, erect, throbbing and leaking pre cum like mad. I figured he wanted me to suck his cock and give him some erotic relief. That is probably why he stopped fighting my attempts to get in his pants. I wasted no time, since the sun was already rising and daylight was coming, and went down on his cock, deep throated it and sucked up and down the length of his shaft, enveloping it in my hot wet suctioning mouth.

He placed his left arm over his eyes so he wouldn't see what was going on or to imagine that it was a woman, but he could not stop the moans of pleasure he was making or the involuntary motion of his hips as he bucked up and down trying to fuck me in the mouth. Oh yes, he was enjoying it. By the way his dick would tense each time I deep throated him, I knew he was in a state of complete bliss.

I sucked on his dick harder and faster. I wanted his cum load in my mouth and I did not want anything to interrupt us or for him to change his mind.  After less than ten minutes of sucking, during which he moaned and twitched in erotic satisfaction, I felt his balls pull up tight against his body and his dick stiffen harder than a rock as he pushed his hips forward forcing his dick all the way into my throat and with quick strong bursts he shot his load of hot, sweet young man juice. I swallowed and swallowed as quickly as he was shooting.  After swallowing all of his cum, I milked the shaft of his dick until the last glob of cum oozed out and rested on his piss slit where I gratefully lapped it up.

Savoring the flavor of his thick young sweet cum, I played with the last drop of it and slowly pulled my head back until I could see the string of his cum attached from his piss slit to my mouth in the early morning light. It stretched until it broke and half of it landed on my chin while the other half landed on his dick. I licked it up and swallowed the last bit of cum and then reached under the seat and grabbed some napkins with which to clean him. After cleaning him off, I pulled his pants back up and started the car. We were soon on our way to his motel.

He wouldn't even look at me after that and, in fact, kept his arm over his eyes. He remained silent during the entire trip to his motel, not uttering a sound. When we pulled up in front of his motel he simply got out and closed the door behind him. As I drove off, I could see him in the rear view mirror looking dazed and confused. Who knows, maybe he feels guilty about the ordeal, or he enjoyed it a little more than he will ever admit. If he knew what really happened he might never get drunk again.

Just thinking about blowing my load all over his face and sticking my cock in his mouth gave me a hard on. I would go home and jack off again and get some sleep because I knew I would be looking for another drunk marine tonight.