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My Pal Joe
by Nick Chamberlain
Submitted by Mike

My pal Joe is one of the biggest men in the county. Now don't get me wrong; our county ain't full of no half-pint midgets. We're all genuine corn-fed American boys, big country boys, and yup, Joe is the biggest of the bunch.

He's about 6'6" or so, a good three or four inches taller than me, and built like a brick shithouse. Y'all should see him- big beefy pecs, wide shoulders, tree-trunk neck. He's not cut like no freaky bodybuilder, but you can easily make out his tight lil' eight-pack; he likes to stroke em' abs a lot, showin' himself off to the ladies. And the ladies love 'im, cuz he's not only built but he's handsome as sin.  Got black hair, not brown, black as night, and really pale blue eyes. The ladies love 'em eyes; Joe can make 'em wet their panties just staring at those farmgirl sluts.

His skin's deeply tanned from all the country labor, except for a little strip 'round his waist where he wears his speedos. I've heard from some of 'em city boys that speedos are considered faggy stuff- but me and Joe don't think so, no sirree. In fact, we're wearing 'em right now on our way to the hole, cuz it's a mighty hot day, it is, and me and my pal Joe are goin' for a swim.

I guess before I drawl on I should tell y'all a little 'bout myself. Name's Bill, and without sounding too into myself, I can say I'm one of our county's hottest studs, besides Joe of course. Although I'm a bit shorter at 6'3", I'm also mighty fine lookin', with meaty pecs and hard abs. Unlike Joe, who's smooth as a babe ('cept for his head and pits), I've got a light dusting o' hair on my bod- but not too hairy mind you. Goes well with my tan. My eyes are a deep green; I don't know if they're as sexy as Joe's (fuck, I'm soundin' like a queer but Joe's such a good-lookin' fella) but the ladies don't think they're half-bad either.

 Enough 'bout me and back to the story. So me and my pal Joe are driving to the swimming hole in his red pickup, wearing our wifebeaters and jeans and just shooting the shit, talkin' bout how his old man got caught fuckin' the farm wench (not such an uncommon thing in the country, folks), when we spot this kid up ahead. He's got his thumb up, obviously lookin' for a ride. Now normally I wouldn't stop but it was Joe drivin', and Joe's always willin' to help those less-fortunate souls. Sure enough, before I can speak a word, Joe's already pulled over and he's holdin' the door open for the kid to hop in. Heart of gold, my pal Joe.  The kid climbs into the back and we're on our way.

Joe asks him where he's goin' and he says, with quite the city boy way o' speech, mind you "Three miles down, to my aunt's. Just staying there for a couple of days.  She was supposed to come and pick me up but guess she's got other things to do." Turns out that's pretty damn close to our ol' watering hole, so Joe tells 'im it ain't no problem.

"What's your name son?" Joe asks, and I can't help laughing cuz the two of us, me and Joe are just under thirty, and there ain't no way this kid's younger than eighteen or so.

"Cody," the boy says. Joe tells Cody our names and shakes the kid's hand with a hearty "pleasure to meet ya." That's Joe for ya, he meets you one minute and already you're like a long lost buddy.

We continue driving, though we ain't talking much as Cody seems awfully shy, and for some reason, I can't stop starin' at the kid. I don't know what it is but I better describe him so y'all can maybe figure it out for me. The kid's a bit on the short side, maybe 5'6" or so, but he ain't no scrawny wimp. He ain't wearing a shirt so it's easy to see his body. Not as big and beefy as me and Joe, but nice in its own way. Built kind of like 'em swimmers, hard and lean. His abs are cut like nothing I ever seen before, and when he's breathing in and out it's like a work of art, I ain't kiddin'. His pecs are two squares topped by tiny rosy nips, a little darker than his tan, which seems to cover the rest of him, although he's wearing these damn tiny jean shorts so I can't tell if he's got any tanlines like me and Joe. His hair's real blond, like honeysuckle, cut short like an army boy, and he's got 'em same baby blues as Joe.

I can see Joe staring at the kid too, and Cody sure ain't shy 'bout staring back at the two of us either.

After 'bout five minutes, Joe stops the pickup and gets out to piss. While he's takin' a leak, I talk a bit with the kid. Turns out he's from the city, got a school break or somethin', and he's up bummin' around for a week or two at his Auntie Sue's, who lives in the neighborin' county.

The whole time he's talkin', I notice my dick getting fuckin' hard — I can't do anythin' bout it neither, there's just somethin' bout this kid that's so goddamn sexy. Now I must say I ain't no queer. I mean, me and Joe have messed around every now and 'gain while growin' up, but both of us get more than our fair share of farm sluts too. Not that I got a problem with queers, no sirree, I can understand the need for cock every now and again. No, nothin' wrong with a little fruit.

 Joe's done with his piss and climbs into the back with Cody, askin' me to drive. Now I think this is a bit screwy since I ain't see what's so special 'bout ridin' with the kid but Joe's a bit smarter than me and sometimes does things I ain't understand, so I drive like he asks me to.

We've gone a little ways, still a good forty miles or so until we get to the hole, when I look in the mirror and see Joe's got his arm around Cody. Real friendly, my pal Joe. Cody doesn't seem to mind, and they're both sitting real close.  I see 'em guys staring into each other's baby blues, and I swear I see Joe lickin' his lips. My cock is now boned something fierce, and I slowly unzip my fly and pull down my speedos to give it a lil' breathin' room, quietly though as I don't want Joe and the kid to think I'm some sick perv' or somethin'.

I got to keep my eyes on the road, as I ain't such a good driver and I already pissed off Joe by scratchin' his pickup just last week, when I hear a gasp from the back.  Lookin' in the mirror, I see Joe with one hand up the kid's jean shorts! Cody's lookin' awfully sexy with his toned hairless legs sprawled open like that, like he's invitin' Joe to come in and touch him. Joe's obviously doin' somethin' right, as Cody's letting out these little gasps while he stares into Joe's baby blues. Now swimmin' or no swimmin', there ain't no way I can continue to drive with my cock ragin' up like this, so I pull over. Joe and the kid don't notice me stoppin', and before I can say jackrabbit, Joe's leanin' in and starts kissing this kid on the lips. I think it's kind o' queer, but it's also making me damn hot.

They're both getting' real into it, and Joe is running his other hand (not the one that's fingerin' this little stud's nutsack) over the kid's tight bod, playin' with Cody's nipples and feeling his hard abs. Cody is squirmin' about like a bitch in heat, and he's runnin' his hands all over Joe's body. They stop kissing for a bit and Joe leans back, just starin' at the kid with his smolderin' blues.  Cody's got this hungry look, like he's about to eat up Joe or somethin'; I think it's real hot- Cody being such a smaller stud and all. The kid, like a jungle cat or somethin', not that we have any of those anywhere abouts cuz we don't live in no jungle, just a coyote that old man Dan says he spotted 'few summers back, well Cody pounces forward and practically tears Joe's wifebeater off his body. Joe looks back at me with a big smile plastered 'cross his face, sayin' "This kid is somethin' else, Bill."

Cody meanwhile's starin' at Joe's massive body like a kid in a frickin' candy store, not that I blame him one bit. Joe's looking 'specially tight today, as if he's been liftin' extra bales of hay or somethin'. His pecs are big tanned mounds of hard manflesh, and his abs are lookin' 'specially good with this little layer of sweat he's got goin'.

Cody's obviously thinkin' along the same lines as me cuz he attacks Joe's chest, lickin' it up like a cat lickin' its milk. While he's workin' on Joe's hard nipples, Joe's lookin' over at me with his blues and I realize how lucky I am to have this stud as my pal.

"You should whip it out, Bill, looks darn hard," Joe says to me, and I ain't sure what he's talkin' 'bout 'til I remember my cock, which is still darn hard (just like Joe says it is) and leakin' a bit o' the white juice.

I pull down my jeans and my cock slaps against my hard six-pack, with enough sound to make both Joe and Cody look over at me.  Joe's smilin' — he's always said he likes my cock — and Cody's lookin' a bit in shock.

"What, you ain't ever seen a farm boy cock like that before, kid?" Joe asks him, cuz Cody can't break his stare from my cock and it's makin' me a bit embarassed but also real hot. I've always gotten a lot of attention 'bout my nine-inch pecker, although it ain't the biggest in the county. When I said my pal Joe was the biggest man in the county, I meant the biggest in every way. If Cody's amazed by my meat, I can't wait to see the kid's reaction to what Joe's packin'. It's gonna be a hoot! 

"Jerk it for us, Bill," says Joe. I do what he asks like I always do, running my hand up n' down the shaft. I'm real turned on with the kid watchin' me stroke my cock, looking so sexy as he stares at me with 'em impossible blues.

While I'm puttin' on quite the show, Joe unbuttons Cody's jeannshorts and slides 'em down his fine legs. The kid was wearing these tighty whities (me and Joe never wore no underwear besides speedos, and that was only when we were headin' down to the swimming hole) but Joe quickly took 'em off too.

Now it was our turn to stare at Cody, cuz although his cock wasn't nearly as big as mine or Joe's, it was awfully cute, good seven inches or so, and framed by the cutest lil' speedo tanline you ever did see.

Cody seemed a bit embarassed at first, but Joe starts pumpin' Cody's cock like a maniac and Cody soon begins gaspin' again, his abs clenchin' and unclenchin' in perfection. My gawd, this kid's too sexy!

Cody, in his slick city voice, tells Joe he has to stop strokin' his cock or he's gonna cum right there and then, so Joe stops and leans back. I can see the excitement on Joe's handsome face, his hot chest risin' up and down, and he says: "Sorry boy, but you 'bout the hottest thing I've seen in ages. I can't help myself, Cody."

Cody seems to be awfully flattered by Joe's sweet talk, and he pushs Joe back against the seat. Cool as a cucumber, Cody says "I need to suck your dick," and he unzips Joe's jeans. I wish I had a camera right then, cuz the look on Cody's face was priceless as he pulls down Joe's speedos and sees his foot-long shaft rise up and slap 'gainst his hard belly.

 "Fuck!" Cody screams out. Joe chuckles, tellin' the kid it ain't polite to curse, while slowly strokin' the kids short blond hair.

After letting Cody marvel at his massive cock for a few seconds or so, he slowly guides Cody's head to where he likes it best – right in one of his hairy, musky pits. Now I know my pal Joe, and I know that nothin' turns Joe on more than havin' some hot mouth sucking on his pits.

Cody, realizin' what Joe is lookin' for, thrusts his tongue into the deep crevice right above Joe's massive flexing bicep, hungrily lappin' the pit-juice like it's Grandma's cider or somethin'. Joe starts to groan, and I swear his deep, sexy groans send little shivers right down my very spine. Joe's head is thrust way back and his eyes are closed, his body tremblin' slightly under Cody's lickin'.

With Cody's back to me, I get my first glimpse of the kid's buttocks, and my gawd, I swear on my life it must be one o' the lord above's greatest masterpieces. Two milky orbs protrudin' out in an impossible curve, separated by a sweet hairless crack. With my cock leakin' its juice like crazy, I slowly separate the kid's cheeks, starin' at his hairless, perfect lil' hole. I swear to this day that lil' pucker was able to hypnotize me or somethin', cuz before I knew what I was doin', I'm leanin' in and stickin' my tongue right into the kid's hole! Now lickin' some guys arse, that's somethin' that's awfully queer, but I couldn't contain myself- hypnosis I tell ya. Work of the devil.

Cody's gasping and pushin' his arse back into my face as I continue to lick him out, while he's still suckin' on Joe's pit. His hole is mighty sweet, like honey, as if the kid's never taken a crap in his life. I pull out after some vigorous lappin' and see Joe smilin' down at me, laughing and callin' me a shit-eater, although I know he's jokin' cuz Joe's my pal.

Cody gets his head out of Joe's pit and gives me a quick thumbs up (my gawd, this kid is a hoot, oh yesiree) before grabbin' Joe's cock and tryin' to push it into his mouth. Cody can only get a few inches in his hot lil' mouth at first, but Joe, good ol' Joe, slowly pushs his head down further, forcin' Cody to swallow a bit more. They went on like this, Cody tryin' and Joe pushin' the kid down his big pecker, before it was completely in. It's fuckin' hot seeing my pal Joe's cock all the way down this lil' stud's throat, his balls slappin' against Cody's chin as he thrusts in hard.

Joe's luvin' every minute of it, groanin' like a beast and runnin' his hands up and down Cody's back. "This kids a born cock-sucker," Joe says to me, "you've gots to try out this hot fuckin' mouth."

We're going at it, Cody suckin' Joe's log, me lappin' Cody's arsehole, when Joe decides it's time to take things further. "Warm up his boy-pussy, will ya Bill?" he asks me. I'm not exactly sure what Joe wants, but Joe's a patient fella, and knows I'm a bit on the slow side.  "Stick your fingers up his hole, make him loose," he says.

I do what Joe wants, takin' my middle finger and jammin' it up Cody's tight hole. The boy screams and pulls himself off Joe's cock. He's lookin' so fine with a bit o' Joe's cum slather'd 'round his lips, and his eyes are intense.

"Not so hard, please, the kid says all polite and everythin' before goin' back to his suckin'. Joe glares at me but quickly gives one of his forgivin' winks. I go back to what Joe asks of me, slowly insertin' one of my fingers up Cody's rear, doin' it right this time 'round cuz Cody pushes his arse back into me.

I've got one finger pistonin' in and out of Cody's tight hole (and no skidmarks or nothin', my gawd this kid's a clean one) when Joe leans over and grabs the kids arse cheeks, spreadin' 'em wide.

"I think the kid's ready for another," he says. I slowly insert a second finger, and Cody seems to like it, humpin' my hand harder than before. "Bill, this arse is gonna be sweeet!" Joe says all giddy, lyin' back down and spreadin' his beefy thighs to enjoy the rest of his blowjob.

I'm pushin' my fingers up Cody's hole for  a bit longer when the hole hypnotizes me again (I swear, cross my heart, the devil's work!) and I find myself replacin' my fingers with my tongue spearin' it in and out like a madman.  His hole's a bit wider from my finger-work, and my tongue gets in much deeper.

Cody reaches back and starts runnin' his hands through my hair and down my neck, his touch given me a mighty quick case o' gooseflesh.

"Enough shit-eatin', Bill!" Joe says, and I quickly pull my tongue from the kid's tight little arse with a loud pop.

"There ain't no shit, Joe" I tells him, "tastes like honey or somethin'." Cody laughs at this, but laughin' with me not at me like most everybody else, and I can't help feelin' a little smitten with the kid. I begin to feel a bit jealous of Joe dominatin' Cody's attention, but Joe, who's a hell of a lot smarter than me and can often read me like an open book, leans forward and kisses me hard on the mouth. It's a powerful kiss, oh yessiree, and I feel my jealousy meltin' as his tongue battles with mine.

I run my hands over his powerful chest, always amazed at how big and strong my pal Joe is.

"I love sharin' with ya, Bill, and I don't think Cody minds sharing either," Joe says. I look over at Cody and he's smilin' up at me, cute as a button, like a lil' blond Adonis.  Next thing I know, his mouth is on my cock, suckin' me like a pro.

Joe had sure prepared the kid well as Cody's able to deepthroat me easily, suckin' my cock down to the hilt on his first attempt. Joe's watchin', jerkin' his monstrous cock with this intense look on his face. "You both are so fuckin' hot," he bearly whispers.

Joe maneouvers his way to Cody's arse hole and slowly pushs one, then two fingers in. "Nice work ya did on this, Bill," he says to me, before he lines up his cock with Cody's magnificent arsehole.

I know what's comin' next and it makes me leak a bit o' juice into the kid's mouth, but I don't think Cody knew what hit 'im. In one swift motion, Joe buries his pecker right up the kid's hole.

Cody gags on my cock, but the kid's got amazing control and there ain't no teeth.

"Sorry, kid, but I couldn't wait," Joe says. Seein' Joe's amazingly built body workin' to force his massive pole into the kid was too much for me and I had to pull out of Cody's hot mouth before I spewed my pecker juice.

Joe's pickin' up his pace, now takin' deep, long strokes into Cody's milky tight arse, and Cody's lettin' out a stream of gasps, his 'ole body shakin' like crazy. 

"Yes, Joe, fuck me hard. Fuck the hot little city boy with your farmboy cock." Joe looks at me funny and we both smile at the kid's dirty talk.  These damn city boys, such a hoot, oh yesiree.

Joe's abs are ripplin' like some symphony as he fucks the kid's bubble butt hard, and he grabs Cody by the hair pullin' his head back. The kid's eyes are shut, his angelic face stuck in an expression of pure lust or somethin' of the sort. I lean forward and shove my tongue into Cody's throat, and he tastes real good, like peppermint patties. Cody's usin' his own tongue to play with mine, and everytime Joe rams into him fine, his tongue moves further down my throat.

"Get your sweet arse over here, Bill," Joe says. I climb over into the back seat and see the action up close. Joe's cock is crammed into the kid's tight hole, along with two other fingers! "You want a piece of this arse, buddy?" Joe says to me. I ain't sure what he means (like usual) until he grabs my pecker and places it alongside his, next to Cody's full hole.

"Push it in," he whispers to me. I ain't so sure it's a good idea, what with the kid's arse already so crammed full o' Joe's footer, but Joe gives me a quick nod, and Cody's arse does look so fuckin' sweet.

With Joe directin' my cock, I push into the kid's hole ever so slowly. Cody screams, but Joe tells 'im it's ok and puts his hand over the kid's mouth. Now I'm a bit worried for Cody's safety, what with 'im bein' such a good kid and all, but Joe is pressurin' me to finish the job and his arse is so warm 'round my pecker. "Come on, Bill, I want to share this hot arse with ya," Joe says. I grunt, pushin' my pecker all the way in, until I feel by big farmboy balls slap against Cody's arse next to Joe's. Joe puts his arm 'round me, his muscles flexing nice as he does it, and we synchronize our thrustin' so that our cocks rub against one another real sweet-like as we fuck the kid's tight arse.

Joe's taken his hand off Cody's mouth and he's gaspin' in pleasure. Don't ever underestimate what the human body can take, my Pa always used to tell us kids.

Very soon, a burnin' feeling starts crawlin' up from my toes, moving up my legs into my groin. I can't hold it no more and with a shout, I feel myself explode in Cody's arse, coatin' his insides and Joe's cock. I guess my orgasm was a catalyst (that's my big word of the day- mama always tries to get me to expand my vocabulary by readin' one word out o' the dictionary every mornin') for Joe's, cuz next thing I know he's spewin' likewise, and looking down, I see cum come flyin' straight out of Cody's pecker.

Now, just like the rest of 'im, Joe makes huge loads, and his cum comes leakin' out of the kid's hole in thick streams.  Cody, the sexy little stud that he is, reachs back and gets some of Joe's cum on his fingers, stickin' it back in his mouth like it's some freshly whipped cream.

Me and Joe can't take no more and we collapse into the seat, with Cody fallin' back on top of us.  We sit there, the three of us, slowly touching each other's bodies and kissin' and lickin' and such. It's real hot, with Cody, the hot little city boy, dwarfed by these two muscular farmboy studs. Joe, always the gentleman, uses his shirt to wipe some of the cum leakin' out of Cody's arsehole.  I'll never forget that arse, so succulent and tight. I have a feeling Joe won't forget it either.

 "Are you sore kid?" Joe says.

"A bit," the kid says back.

Joe apologizes for our rough treatment, a lil' too carried away he says, but  the kid's not upset, says it was really fuckin' hot for him. That's cool, I think, cuz I didn't wanna do no permanent damage or somethin', and I wanted him to have good ol' time.

"Up for a swim?" Joe asks, and the kid smiles, says "Sure." Joe climbs into the front seat and starts up the engine, and soon enough we're purring down the road. I stay in the back and pull the kid into my chest, Cody wrappin' his arms tight around my neck.

"It's gonna be a hot afternoon," Joe says, and I think he's right. And of course Cody was invited to come for a swim with us any time that he wishes, and we all went played in the water naked.