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That Straight Dude Turned Me On!
by Kevin C.
submitted by Mike

It all started one day when I went bicycling, during my summer break from school, in my neighborhood in Denver. Not too far from my house, my rear tire suddenly went flat. I was glad I wouldn't have to push it too far to get it home, maybe six or seven blocks.

As I was walking my bike home, I passed th house of Tom, the best friend of my older brother, Wayne, who had recently left for college. They were in a punk rock band together all through high school. Tom was their lead singer and Wayne played the guitar. I got the chance to see them perform once and was very intrigued by how commanding and erotic Tom was on stage. The group was well known for just performing in their underwear!

Anyway, as I was about to pass his house, Tom came out of the open garage and called out my name, "Hey, Kevin!"

I was a bit startled because I hadn't seen him inside of the junk-filled garage and I was also surprised that he actually knew what my name was. He walked over to me, with nothing on but ratty old gym shorts. His chest and arms were completely covered in tattoos and both of his nipples and his belly button had piercings in them.

As he approached, I couldn't help but stare at his body. It was so different from anyone I knew. He was in such great shape and form.

Tom looked at my tire and asked the obvious question "Got a flat tire Kevin?"

"Yeah… I don't know what I ran over that did it," I replied in slight embarrassment. Tom suggested that I put the bike into the back of his pickup truck and that he would give me a lift home. I only lived a few blocks away, but since I was already tired of pushing the bike and it was a very hot day, I agreed to his offer. I went ahead and put the bike into the truck as Tom disappeared into his garage.

I waited by the truck for him to return and take me home, but after standing around for about ten minutes, I went looking for him. In the back of the garage I found him lifting weights on his bench press.

I had never really looked at another guy in a "sexual" way up until that moment. But when I saw him lifting those weights, I couldn't get over how hot he looked. I couldn't help but look him over and admire. Tom didn't have an ounce of fat. His chest and firm belly were covered with very short blond hair, just like the long hair on his head, which he had pulled back into a ponytail.

His skin was very white with not a hint of a tan. This made his tattoos show off even more so. His skin was very shiny from all of the sweat that he worked up lifting those weights.

But what really caught my eye was the dark blond pubic hair creeping out of his low riding gym shorts. Most of his chest and abdomen were covered with tattoos, but they ended just an inch or so below his pierced bellybutton. Further below that was his pale white skin covered with his long curly dark blond pubic hairs. If his shorts were any further down I would have seen his cock.

I was mesmerized just looking at those long curly hairs, wondering what it might look like inside of his shorts.

I had never looked at a dude and have those kinds of thoughts before.

Tom shortly finished his work out and suggested we go inside and get something cold to drink. I followed him in, staring at the big bold black menacing tattoos on his back. Across his shoulders he had his last name tattooed: 'FILLMORE'. The tattoos below his name made a design that looked like it was pointing down to his butt. With his low riding shorts, I could also see the well-exposed crack of his round white ass with a few hairs peering out it.

Tom told me that his parents were away on vacation for the next month and that he was moving out as soon as they returned.

As we stood in his kitchen talking, I could not get over how strong and pungent his body odor was, as the sweat still puored down his body and onto his already damp shorts. At first his smell was totally grossing me out. It reminded me of how my father smelled after he would come home from work. I was wondering if I even wanted to be in the same truck together with him as strong as he smelled.

But as the minutes went by, I soon couldn't get enough of the raunchy workout smell that was permeating form his body. Every once in a while, Tom would raise his big arms and expose his very hairy dank armpits. The stench almost blew me away! But I soon found I couldn't help but aim my noise towards his pits so that it would capture Tom's intense aroma! I didn't realize it at the time, but it was actually starting to turn me on.

Tom went to the fridge and pulled out two beers. I was a bit surprised. I told him "No, I shouldn't, my mom might smell it on my breath."

He would'nt listen and insisted "Live it up and enjoy getting high with me!"

So I hesitantly took the cold beer. We sat there sucking on the beers and in no time we had drank several and shared a couple joints. I don't know what made me higher: the beers and the joints, or just being next to this hot sweaty dude who had on only a very sweaty pair of revealing shorts on.

We were both just totally wasted, watching All Star Wrestling on TV, not saying a word to each other. Tom suddenly started laughing and getting all excited. He told me that just that morning he had found some porno flicks in his father's dresser. Tom ran into his father's room and came back with about six videotapes, jumping around for joy like a small kid would.

I couldn't believe my luck; I had always wanted to see a porno flick. I had never seen one or even anything even like a Playboy magazine up until then. I grew up in a very religious family that didn't even allow us kids to see PG movies, even as teenagers.

My parents were, as you can imagine, not happy at all that my brother was in a punk rock band (and they had no idea my brother performed in only his Calvin Klein's!).

Tom put the tape in and instantly it showed a guy with a gigantic cock fucking a chick with huge tits on the side of a hot tub. As I watched the movie, I remember that I didn't know if I liked seeing the pussies or the cocks the most.

Tom sat back down and we proceeded to watch the tape together. A couple of times I noticed Tom was rubbing his crotch through his tight, moist cotton gym shorts, but I tried not gawk at him as he did it. I could see through the outline in his shorts that his cock was getting hard.

A few times he reached in his shorts with his tattoo-covered arms and seemed to be 'readjusting himself'.

Then suddenly Tom announced that movies like this were made for men to jack-off to and that was what he we going to do.

Tom pulled his gym shorts and jock down and started stroking his cock. I tried to watch him from the corner of my eye so he wouldn't see me watching him. I didn't want him to think I was queer, especially when I didn't think I was.

I couldn't believe how long his cock was and how blond and bushy the base of it was. His bushy dark blond pubic hairs and his tattoos really contrasted to his very white, slightly pink, cock. His cock even had a curve to it that made it slightly point back towards his bellybutton. It was much longer than the only other cock I had actually ever seen —which was my father's flaccid cock that was almost hidden by his big gut.

Tom's balls were huge compared to mine. Every once in a while I would glance over and see Tom playing with his long hard cock and pulling on his balls with his very muscular arms.

It didn't seem to bother him that he was playing with himself in a room with another guy near by. I found it was more interested to watch him than the movie, but I felt that I better not let him know that. So I again forced myself to watch the fuck movie, but my eyes wouldn't stop peeking over to see Tom and his hard, curved cock.

Just as I glanced over to check him out again, Tom and I made eye contact. His dark eyes stared at me for a moment. I quickly turned back towards the fuck movie. Tom called out to me, "Kevin, you can watch me if you want… It's cool dude. I bet you've never even seen another dude cum before have you?"

His offer to let me observe him stunned me. I was shaking with excitement as I turned to watch Tom work his long hard cock up and down with his hand.

His cock was so hard that all of its veins were pressing out. With his cock so hard, its head started turning a bright red color. I could even see clear pre-cum draining slowly out of his piss hole.

Tom's firm body was all tensed up and I could see the out-lines of almost all of his muscles. His chest was so well-developed, with large pink nipples, which were hard and firm. The contrast of his very pink nipples with the cold metal piercing in them was such an incredible turn on.

All of a sudden Tom, let out a low scream as he panted heavily, then a huge load of cum shot out of his cock and squirted all over his hairy chest, some even landing on his bristly, unshaven face. His cum landed on his dark tattoos and stood out like puddles of milk on chocolate!

"Fuck was that great!" Tom yelled out, still huffing and puffing.

I just sat there not knowing what to say or do.

Tom got up and went over and turned the TV off, with this still hard cock bouncing up and down, Strings of cum were dripping out of his cock and onto the floor.

"Show's over, I better get you home Kevin. I need to practice for my gig." Tom announced.

I was just sitting there shaking, still fully dressed, with a ragging, precum dripping hard-on, which was leaving a big wet spot in my jeans. I just couldn't believe what I had just witnessed.

As Tom drove me to my house, he sang along with one of the tapes his band had made. As I admirdly watched him sing, I noticed that a small glob of his cum was still on the side of Tom's unshaven face. I sat there wondering if I should tell him about it or not.

When we pulled into my driveway, I turned to Tom and thanked his for the lift and the told him he had "something" on his face. Tom rubbed it onto his finger and then looked to see what it was. I could see in his eyes when he realized what it was. He took that finger and stuck it into his mouth and sucked it off of his finger.

"Nothing quite like the taste of sex!" he said, then started laughing. I got out of truck and got my bike out of the back and headed towards my house. I was totally and completely confused by all that had happened with Tom that day.

That night I jacked off thinking of what I had seen. I couldn't believe that I got to see my brother's best friend's incredible tattooed and pierced body and in particular his long cock and big hairy balls. I was even relishing the memory of what Tom hairy armpits smelled like.

Once I shot my load, I laid there looking at my own cum wondering what it might taste like. I thought that if Tom could do it, so could I. So I reached down and scooped some cum up with my fingers and the put it into my mouth.

"Slightly salty, but not too bad!" I thought to myself. I ended up eating all of the cum that I had just squirted onto myself. As I lay there, relishing what I had just done, I started to wonder what Tom's load might taste like.

A few days later, I was hanging out at the local mall when and ran I into Alex, a guy I knew from school. We had both been in several classes together since fifth grade, but we had never gone from acquaintance toward friendship.

Alex was a bit of a loner who seemed to spend more time hanging out with the girls than with the boys. We were both heading home, so we walked together, talking about what classes we were going to take that next semester. I was taking a lot of Shop and Phys Ed classes; Alex was taking Drama and Art classes. The only class we were going to have together would be World History.

Our walk home took us past Tom's house. Tom was out mowing his lawn in just his low riding gym shorts on again. I didn't want to get his attention because I was foolishly afraid he would tell Alex what had happened a couple of days earlier. However, Tom saw me and proceeded to call the two of us over.

Alex confided that he didn't want to go over and meet Tom because he looked like a rough Hells Angels biker. I laughed and told him no that Tom was actually a rocker and also a very nice guy and that he should meet him.

I introduced Alex to Tom and we all just stood around bull-shitting for a while. Tom was very sweaty and reeking from his manly body odor. I was standing right next to him trying to take as much of the smell in as I could.

Every once in awhile Tom would lift his muscular arms over his head and I would get a good look at his very hairy, dank armpits. Just the sights of those pits were causing me to pop a tent in my shorts! I really wanted to put my face into those pits and smear that smell all over my face, so I could enjoy that smell all day long. I remember that even then, I really wanted to taste those ripe pits then and there.

Alex announced that he had to get home and proceeded to walk away. I talked with Tom a few more minutes and then also announced that my mom would be serving dinner soon.

As I was about to leave, Tom suggested I come by the next day and hang out with him, and bring Alex along too. I eagerly agreed and said we would come by around noon or so. I walked away all excited about seeing Tom and his sweaty body again. My only problem with Tom's request was I didn't know how to get in contact with Alex, or how I would talk him into going with me to Tom's house.

I remembered that Alex was a friend of my next-door neighbor Megan, so I went over to her house and asked her if she had Alex's phone number. She didn't but through a friend of hers I got his parents' number.

That evening I called Alex. I could tell by his voice that he was very surprised to hear from me. I told him that Tom had invited us over and that Tom had beer and pot. Alex told me he had never been high before but would really like to try. Alex also told me that he was a bit terrified of Tom because of the way he looked with all of his tattoos, piercings and long hair. I again assured him that Tom was a cool dude and that I thought that the way he looks was totally cool!

My approval seemed to convince him and we arranged that he would meet me at my house and then would go to Tom's from there.

The next day Alex showed up as expected and we headed off to Tom's. As we walked the few blocks to Tom's house, I started to realize how shy and introverted Alex was. It was very hard to get him to open up and talk to me.

When we got to Tom's house, Tom was working on his motorcycle; his hands and parts of his face were covered in dirty grease. All that Tom had on was an old pair of dirty overalls. They were unbuttoned all the way down; he didn't seem to be wearing anything underneath them.

Just as with he wore his shorts, you could again see the tops of Tom's curly blond pubic hairs.

Tom seemed really glad to see us; he reached out and shook our hands with his grease-covered hands. He told us come inside and have a beer with him. We followed him in.

Tom and I bullshitted around, laughing and carrying on as Tom cleaned up his hands. Alex seemed to be enjoying himself but didn't really say much. I noticed that Alex was staring at Tom most of the time. His eyes were riveted on Tom like mine had been. I remember wondering if Alex was trying to get a glimpse of Toms cock through the gap in his overalls.

I decided to try to get Alex to open up and talk, so I told him that Tom had some really hot porno tapes. Tom interjected and asked Alex if he would like to see them. Alex finally showed some emotion and excitedly told us "Fuck yes … I would love to see some porno!"

Tom went and got the tapes. As he was away I warned Alex that Tom likes to jack-off to them and that he had done it in front of me before. Alex stammered and then said that it wouldn't bother him if Tom did that. I wasn't sure whether the stammer was excitement or fear.

Tom returned, just wearing his ratty gym shorts, with a couple tapes in his hands. He then inserted a tape. This video was better than the other one I had seen a few days earlier. It was much more raunchy, full of lots of fucking and sucking. I couldn't believe it when in the movie a guy started licking one of the girls' asshole.

Alex and I both yelled out, "How fucking gross!" when he pressed his wet tongue into her hairless ass.

Tom told us he liked to lick his girlfriend's ass so that he could 'loosen it up'. He would then fuck her wet ass silly.

Alex and I couldn't believe that Tom actually licked some chick's asshole, much less to have fucked her up the ass! Tom laugh at us and said "Someday you'll be with a really hot chick and you'll be so turned on by her ass that you won't be able to stop yourself from sticking your tongue up into her hole, and then lick it out for hours!"

Tom again announced that porno movies are for jerking-off. He proceeded to pull his shorts all the way off and started to play with his already erect cock. This time I didn't hesitate to spend more than half of my time watching Tom's big arms and hands work his precum dripping cock, rather than watching the movie. Alex kept his eyes focused on the movie not saying a word, but I could sense he wanted to watch Tom also.

Tom suggested we take our clothes off and relax and enjoy the flick with him. I was surprised when Alex did exactly what Tom requested. I was too timid to be naked in front of other men, so all I took off was my shirt, but Alex pulled his shirt off, took off his shoes, and then pulled off his shorts and underwear.

Alex had a skinny pale teenage body, but was it firm and in good condition. I was surprised at how big his soft cock was and how much dark black pubic hair he had. His armpits were very hairy and his nipples were very large and dark. But what really surprised me was that he was uncut.

I had heard about uncut dicks but until then I had never actually had seen one!

Tom blurted out, "Wow dude! You're fucking uncut! I've got to see this!" Tom walked over to Alex, unashamed that his hard cock was bobbing up and down in the air.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Tom reached out and took a hold of Alex's cock and started pulling Alex large amount of excess foreskin back and forth, as if that was what guys did to each other all the time!

"Wow! I wish I had foreskin. You've got so much of it!" Tom said to Alex. Alex didn't respond to Tom. He just looked down and watched Tom play with his big fat cock. The sight of Tom's big tattooed arms and hands examining Alex's fat white cock made my own cock painfully hard.

Tom called me over to take a closer look. I hesitated, I was afraid I would have to be next to take my clothes off and that they would both see that I had the smallest of the three's cocks. Tom insisted that I check out Alex's foreskin.

"Don't be a baby Kevin. Come check this foreskin out! Alex has gobs of excess foreskin!" Tom said with amusement.

So I went over for a closer look. Alex's cock was big when it was soft, but it was getting huge as it got harder with Tom pulling and tugging on Alex's foreskin. Tom told me to feel it. I told him no, that I couldn't do that; it would be queer.

Tom insisted, "Go ahead. Alex will let you. We're just exploring None of us are queer… unless you're afraid that you're too queer to do it!"

I looked up at Alex; he didn't say a thing, but it looked like he wouldn't mind, so I reached out and touched his now very hard cock.

It was so firm and big. Bigger than what you would think a boy of his age would have. I pulled his foreskin back and forth a few times, because of Tom's insistence. I couldn't get over how big his cock was and how different it looked with that massive amount of foreskin!

I let go of it and Tom started playing with it again. He didn't just play with Alex's foreskin this time; he actually started to jack off him off. Tom's hand could just barely wrap around Alex's monster. Tom stroked faster and faster around Alex's thick hard cock. I was totally fascinated at watching his foreskin go back and forth across the almost purple mushroom head of his cock. Alex's large balls were bouncing up and down.

I looked up and saw that Alex had his eyes closed tight with his face squinched up. Sweat stared to run down his forehead and armpits. He then started breathing very heavily, shaking almost uncontrollably.

Tom encouraged Alex. "Let it go boy!…Let it go!"

Alex cried out, "Oh...Oh... Oh my God…!"

All of a sudden a huge white load of cum squirted out of Alex's now almost-purple-colored, rock-hard cock. It sprayed all over Tom's tattooed covered chest. Tom gave Alex a few more strokes and cum kept squirting out. Alex kept his eyes closed for a few minutes as Tom got up, with his own cock literally dripping pre cum, and cleaned Alex's cum off his chest with my t-shirt. None of us spoke for several minutes as we finished our beers.

Alex bent down to try to put his underwear back on.

"Look at that ass on Alex!" Tom softly said, as he set down his beer.

"Alex, stop putting your clothes on and bend over more and show us your round butt!"

I was thinking to myself that this was getting really weird and that maybe I should get Alex and myself out of there.

Then I noticed that Alex was actually complying with Tom's request by bending over even more. Alex had his round ass pointed right at Tom's face.

"Look at that ass. It's so white and smooth, just like my girlfriend Donna's. Come and look at it, Kevin!"

I could believe what I was doing, but I got up closer so that I could check out Alex's butt. His butt was very white, with no blemishes and it had lots of very curly black hair just around his dark-colored hole.

I had never seen an asshole up close before, but I found that it was intriguing and very sexual looking… even if it was on a guy.

Tom kept rubbing Alex's cheeks with both of his hands. Every once in a while he would pull the cheeks apart with such force that it would also open up Alex's dark hole.

"You can almost see inside of Alex, Kevin!" Tom said enthusiastically.

"Watch this Kevin!" Tom then said. Tom walked over to the coffee table and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion. He came back over and poured some on his fingers and started to rub it on Alex's asshole.

Tom started to slowly press one of his fingers into Alex's pink hole. To my surprise, not one word of protest came out of Alex's mouth. Slowly Tom's finger worked its way into Alex's ass.

"Your butt is so fucking tight, dude! Even tighter than Donna's! Oh, yeah this is so fucking hot! It's nice and clean like I like it!" Tom excitedly told Alex.

He told me to stretch Alex's cheeks apart for him so that he would have better access and view of the finger impelled hole. I hesitatingly did as he requested. Tom slid his lubed finger in and out of Alex's asshole... back and forth, back and forth, with only the black curly hairs clinging to his fingers as he pulled it out.

I could see that Tom was really enjoying it. Tom's cock was rock hard sticking straight up into the air with its slight curve aiming for his own bellybutton. What surprised me more was that Alex also seemed to be enjoying it.

"I swear this boy's ass is just like a girl's!" Tom said, looking straight at me, with a big grin on his face. I remember thinking to myself at that moment "Wouldn't all assholes be about the same?" Tom pulled his finger all the way out. I was surprised to see that Alex's butt was very clean and nothing but lotion was on Tom's fingers.

Tom suggested that I give it a try. I was still very confused; I didn't know what to do.

"Isn't it a bit gay to be doing those types of things?" I suggested.

"Don't freak out on us, Kevin… we are just having a bit of fun with your friend Alex7hellip; Come feel this! !t's just like a girl's."

I looked again at Alex's face. He wasn't protesting or resisting so I thought, 'What the hell. Maybe this is just like "practicing", before I actually do it with a girl.' I reached over and inserted my dry finger into Alex's already lubed-up asshole. I was amazed at how tight and warm it was.

Tom told me to "fuck his hole" with my finger, which I proceeded to do. It felt really good as it slid in and out of Alex's hole. As I finger-fucked Alex's asshole, I noticed that Tom had lotioned up his own cock and was playing with it, as he watched Alex and myself.

"Try putting two of your fingers into his ass Kevin," Tom commanded me. I pulled my one finger out of Alex's warm moist ass, and then positioned two of my lotioned-covered fingers against his hole. I was about to push them in when Tom told Alex to push his ass into my fingers. To my amazement, slowly Alex did just that, and slowly my two fingers disappeared into his warm ass.

I again started to finger-fuck Alex's ass but now with two fingers. I didn't know what kind of scene I had gotten into, but it sure felt good. Tom then told me pull my fingers out so we could see Alex's gaping hole. It was quite a turn-on seeing that open hole. Tom then told me to move over; he wanted to try something.

I pulled my fingers out of the Alex's stretched-out hole. I was really shocked by what happened next. Tom positioned himself right behind Alex and lined his long cock right up with Alex's dark, lubed-up asshole. He turned to me and said, "Watch this Kevin! This is what Donna really likes!"

Right then Tom's hard cock slid into Alex's now well-lubed asshole. It went all the way in, until Tom's blond hairy nuts met up with Alex's black haired asshole. Alex let out a little cry as Tom's long cock went into him, but he didn't try to stop Tom from entering, rather he seemed to back onto the impaling rod, welcoming it.

Tom took hold of Alex's hips and started to slowly fuck him. His curved cock was so long that I could actually see it going in and out of Alex's butt with out it going all of the way out.

Alex was still making noises like it might hurt a little, but he definitely wasn't trying to stop Tom.

Tom fucked him for minutes, telling Alex that his butt was better and tighter than Donna's. Tom would drive into him then pull his cock all the way out and then slam it back in. He pulled it all the way out, and told me to look at Alex's wide-open, now bright-red asshole.

My cock was so hard from watching the action. The sight of these two men having sex together was better than watching the men and women in the porno.

I still had just my jeans on, as I was still too timid to take them off.

Alex really started to cry out. I thought he was in too much pain or just starting to freak out, but suddenly Alex's own untouched cock squirted a load of cum all over the floor as Tom fucked him really hard.

Tom let out a roar: "Here it comes, Alex!" and then proceeded to fill Alex's ass with his cum! Tom, with his cock still in Alex's ass, screamed out, "Yeah! Yeah! Milk that cum out of my cock!"

Alex was still being himself, not saying a word one way or the other about what Tom had just done to him, but I saw that he was clenching and unclenching his buttocks around Tom's cock.

Tom eventually pulled his still-hard cock out of Alex. Again he made sure that I noticed how open and bright red Alex's asshole was, now with Tom's cum slowly oozing out it.

"Go on, Kevin, have a go with him" Tom said to me.

"I can't do that! He's my friend" I replied.

"Don't worry about it, Kevin. We're just having some fun. It isn't queer or anything. Even male dogs like to do it to each other!" Tom reasoned with me. "Drop your jeans and stick it in. Let's see if you're man enough to do it!" Tom commanded me with a laugh in his voice.

Alex was still bent over, waiting for me, I guess. So I dropped my jeans and pulled out my incredibly rigid, cock dripping pre-cum, and aimed it for Alex's cum-lubed hole. It went in so exceedingly quickly and effortlessly, but I was surprised at how tight it still was even after Tom's long thick cock had been in there.

I started to thrust in and out of him. I had been so energized by watching all of the action that in no time I lost control and dumped my load into Alex's ass.

I couldn't get over how astonishing it felt having my cock in someone else's ass. A man's ass at that!

None of us said much after that. We dressed. We had one more beer, then both Alex and I gave Tom lame excuses of why we had to go. Alex and I walked home together not saying a word about what had happened that day.

That night I again could not get it out of my mind of what had happened that day. Flash backs of Alex's huge cock being jacked off by Tom. Tom's long cock going in and out of Alex's asshole, and the feeling of my cock fucking Alex's tight ass.

As I jacked off, reliving every image I saw that day. I also sniffed and licked Alex's dried cum that Tom had wiped on my t-shirt that day! I popped my biggest load right then and there!

Later that night I woke up and started to think about how it must have felt to Alex getting fucked. It was something I had never thought about before. As I lay there, I wet one of my fingers with spit and pressed it into my own taut ass. I found that I really liked the feeling of having a finger up there, as I played with my cock. It made me then wonder more and more what it is like to be fucked by a man. I soon came to the realization that I really wanted to be fucked. Somehow I wanted to get Tom to fuck me like he had Alex.

The next few days, I walked back and forth in front of Tom's house at least a dozen times. I was hoping that he would see me and invite me in, but each time I went by there was no sign of him. I became obsessed with the idea that I had to get together again with him once more.

I started to get impatient, and finally I worked up the nerve to ring his doorbell, to see if he might be home. I rang his bell twice and waited for about a minute. No one answered, so I had started to walk away when suddenly the door open and there was Tom.

"Hey, Kevin, great to see you. Come on in!" he called out to me. Tom had nothing on except an old towel rapped around his slim waist. "Hey buddy, I was hoping you would drop by sometime this week. Your timing is perfect. Come on back to my room with me." Tom said, motioning for me to follow him.

As Tom entered his room, in front of me, he dropped his towel. Right there in front of me was the sight of his tattooed covered back and his very white, blond fuzz covered butt. You could see that even darker and longer hairs were creeping out along the crack of his ass. I was so taken by the sight of his butt that it took me a moment before I realized that my next-door neighbor Megan was naked, sprawled out on Tom's bed.

"Kevin, this is Megan. I think she's a neighbor of yours isn't she?" Tom announced with a laugh.

I was left speechless not knowing what to say. Megan was completely naked with her legs and almost furless pussy spread wide open.

"Ahh… Hey, Megan, how are you?" is all I could think to say to her.

She just smiled and laughed to me as she said, "I'm really fucked up in more ways than one!"

She did look fucked up. Her eyes were all glazed over and her speech was slurred. She lay there playing with Tom's long cock with her small hands. You could tell that Tom, or should I say his cock, was really loved the attention that Megan was giving it.

Tom then suggested to Megan that she roll over and take it up the ass. Megan protested that she wouldn't do that. He then told her that he would be gentle and not hurt her. That he wanted to fuck her in the butt as I fucked her in the pussy. Tom then reached down and tried to stick his finger into her ass. Megan started to curse and get angry.

"No fucking way are you going to fuck me up the ass again!" Megan screamed out as she pushed Tom off of her.

"Ok! Ok!' Tom said in frustrations, as he tried to calm her back down. He turned to me and told me that he could talk her into it.

Megan again got hostile. She sat up in the bed and loudly shouted out, "I'm tired of you trying to fuck me in the ass all of the time! It hurts, you asshole! How would you like it if I crammed something up your asshole!"

She then turned to me and said with anger in her eyes, "I want to see you fuck Kevin! He's the one you fucked the other day isn't he?"

My heart stopped at that moment. Why would she think that Tom had ever fucked me? What had Tom told her? I was wondering.

Tom caressed Megan's hand and told her that he had never fucked me; that it was her friend Alex that he had fucked.

I couldn't believe that Tom had told Megan that he had had sex with Alex.

Tom asked her if she really wanted to see him fuck me. As he waited for an answer, he turned to me and winked again.

Megan responded, "Yeah, I want to see you guys get it on! I want to see if he can take the pain of being fucked up his butt with your big dick!"

Tom pushed Megan off to the side of the bed and then told me to lie down. He was going to go ahead and fuck me without even asking me if I wanted to do it! I protested and absolutely refused to allow him to fuck me. I did want him to do it, but I guess I wanted to do it in the privacy of just Tom and myself.

Tom was persistent, but I wouldn't give in. "Come on, one of you has to give me some ass!" Tom kept saying.

Finally he stopped trying to get me to do it. Tom laughed and then told us both that he was just kidding anyway. We laid around together getting higher and higher off of his bong.

Tom was playing with Megan's pussy when she got a call on her cell phone from her mom. Seemed she was suppose to have picked her brother up a after his soccer match. In a flash she got her clothes back on and headed out to go get her brother.

Tom and I continued to lie on his bed. He was still naked but I had put my underwear back on. Tom then started talking and going on about how he hadn't even got to blow his wad up Megan's pussy. He was hoping she would return and help him relieve his load.

I was still lying on my stomach, with my head spinning, wondering if I had gotten too high, when Tom started to rub my butt through my underwear. I was a bit surprised because I thought he had given up on me. Tom then slid his hand under my waistband and rubbed the palm of his hand all over my two cheeks like he had done with Alex the week before.

I was in absolute heaven! It felt so good to feel his rough hand message and caress my butt. I couldn't have stopped him. All I could do is lay there and let him have his way with me.

Tom's finger soon found my butt hole. Tom pressed his large finger into me with no lube or even spit. Luckily, my asshole was slightly sweaty. I just lay there in disbelief as Tom's finger painfully lodged itself inside of my hungry ass.

Tom started to move the finger of one hand around in my asshole while massaging my ass with the other hand. It was still painful, but the thrill of having him play with my ass overrode any want or desire for him to stop. Besides, I was too fucked up to stop him even if I wanted to.

Tom pulled his finger out of my ass and then lubed his finger up with his own spit. He then inserted it back into my ass. It didn't hurt so much as it slid back into my ass for the second time.

"Feels awfully nice up there, Kevin. Sure you don't want to help me out with my predicament?" I knew what predicament he was talking about. It was the blue balls Megan had left him with. I didn't know what to say or do. If I said yes, he might think that I was queer. If I said no, I might never get the chance to get fucked by him again.

I just lay there and didn't say a word. Tom continued to slide his finger in and out of my ass. Tom asked a second time if I would help him out, as he pried two fingers into me. Again I said nothing. I just lay there frozen, not knowing what to say or do. Tom pulled his fingers out, and I remember being so disappointed that I didn't have the nerves to ask him to fuck me.

I was lying on the bed, not moving one muscle while Tom sat next to me. We were like that for a few minutes, not saying a word to each other.

Tom got up off the bed. I could feel his eyes looking down at me as I pushed my face into the mattress to cover the anguished look on my face.

He reached down and grabbed the waistband of my shorts and yanked them completely off of me in one quick tug. I glanced up to see his face. He had the look of a determined man. I again looked back down at the mattress beneath me.

Tom pulled me by my waist to the edge of the bed. My legs were now bent over the edge of his bed with my knees on the floor. My ass was now totally exposed for his advantage. I felt Tom spread the cheeks of my ass wide open, so wide that I could feel my asshole actually opening up for him. He used his fingers to pry it open further.

I knew that the sight of what he was doing to me was turning him on even more. He let my cheek loose and then rubbed my now-tender hole with what felt like this thick thumb. Tom fucked my hole with his thumb a few times,plunging it in and then all the way out. When he stopped I thought, "Oh, my God, here it comes!" but it didn't.

What happened next really surprised me. Tom pulled my ass cheeks as far apart as he could and then told me to hold my cheeks open with my hands. I felt his face press up against my ass. I could feel Tom's tongue press and probe its way into my asshole and I could hear the sound of him sniffing and snorting with his nose. It felt so incredibly great. The feeling of having his firm moist tongue in and on my ass, and his rough stubbly face brushing across it was almost more than what my senses could take.

"Smells like your butt has had a hot sweaty day today, Kevin!" Tom said with obvious satisfaction.

Tom was licking and chewing away on my asshole with no hesitation at all. I couldn't believe that he could or would do something like this with another guy, but I loved every lick he gave my ass.

Tom stopped for a moment and said. "Boy, Kevin, I've wanted this ass for ages, since your brother Wayne pointed you out to me! You're as hot as he is!" I was speechless. We weren't just desperate people having sex together; we were two men, who were turned on by each other, having sex.

Tom continued to push his face and tongue into my ass. His rough stubbly facial hair was rubbing my butt raw. I finally felt comfortable enough with the situation to let him know that I too was actually enjoying it. I started letting out moans of pleasure, and pushed my ass into his face as to let him know how great it felt having his face in my ass. He started to alternate with his tongue and finger, trying to open my ass up further. It felt so great and my cock was the hardest it had ever been. My ass was drenched with his spit as I felt him insert two fingers again.

Then came the third finger, stretching my ass beyond what I thought it could take, "Relax Kevin, I want to get at least one more in there!" Tom said to me in a calming way. I didn't think I could take another finger. The pain was intense, but my need to satisfy Tom was all I could think of. I held my breath and told him to go for it. The fourth finger was very slow to go in. Tom kept reassuring me, telling me to relax. He slowly, slowly worked it in until only his thumb was outside of my ass. "I did it dude! I've got four fingers up your fucking hot ass dude!"

I looked up at a mirror that Tom had on the side of the bed and saw Tom's big tattooed arm aiming for my butt, his fingers hidden inside me. I still couldn't believe this hot dude was having sex with me! Tom slowly started to fuck my sore, stretched-out ass with his four fingers. The pressure on my prostrate was so intense. I didn't know if I was about to cum or pee. I was sweating and a rush overcame all of my senses. As I thrashed around in the joy of what Tom was doing to me, all of a sudden, without any warning of any kind, my untouched cock let out a huge load of cum between Tom's mattress and my belly. It felt like my cock convulsed and ejaculated for a full minute, as Tom continued to fuck my ass with his fingers.

Tom said excitedly, "Fucking A, man! Now I'm going to fuck that hot ass of yours!"

I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to be fucked by with this hot man. Without hesitation I told him, "Fuck me Tom!" I couldn't believe that I had came to the point were I was actually asking him to fuck me with his cock.

Tom grabbed my hips and then positioned his hard, curved cock right up to my ready and loosened asshole. He slowly pushed it inside of me. I was so ready for that cock that there was no pain. I wanted him to fuck me as hard and long as he had fucked Alex and Megan. Tom slowly pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my ass.

As it started to slide in and out easier, his pace picked up fast and faster. I was in full glory having Tom inside of me.

Tom stopped and told me to roll over. He grabbed my ankles and lifted them into the air, again exposing my now gapping hole for him to see and use. Tom aimed his cock at my hole and without any warning; he planted his cock into me again in one sudden plunge. His cock was buried deep inside of me. I could feel his heavy hairy balls lying on my uplifted ass.

Looking up, I could see Tom over me, still holding onto my feet. His tattooed body was completely covered in sweat. He had a big smile on his face. He held my feet up high and wide. My ass was totally for him to take and to use, as he wanted.

Tom started to pound away on my ass. The sight, smell and feeling of being fucked by this hot dude were incredible. I was sporting a very hard, precum-dripping cock again. The curve in Tom's cock was the perfect shape for messaging my prostrate. With every plow into my ass with his cock I thought I was going to lose another of my loads. The head of his cock was rubbing right against my prostrate, pounding and pressing it. Tom held my legs up and thrust into my ass as hard and as fast as he could.

"I see your cock is really enjoying this, Pal!" Tom said with a laugh. Not only was my cock enjoying the action — so was my now-tender asshole!

Tom's sweat was actually dripping on me as I felt his cock swelling even larger inside of me. I knew he was about to cum. The pressure on my prostrate became too much. I couldn't believe it as another load of cum burst out all over my stomach and face, without Tom or I even touching my cock!

Tom's tight grip on my feet was hard and firm. He then started to cry out, "This is just for you, Kevin!" I actually felt my ass fill up with his hot load. Tom didn't stop pounding as he unleashed it deep inside of me. Slowly I could feel that Tom's cock going back to its normal size. Tom continued to slide his cock in and out as it slowly went down in size.

"Wow, Kevin! We've got to do this more often!" Tom said as he wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

"I'd like that," I assured him.

"Maybe your brother Wayne, too, when he comes home for vacation?" Tom suggested.

"You've fucked Wayne?" I asked, incredulous.

"Of course." Tom told me. "Both brothers together. That would be sooo hot!" he exclaimed.

Yes, it sure would! I agreed silently.

"But we're really not gay," he insisted. "Just straight guys having a bit of man to man fun, right?"

"Yeah, right!" Tom was sooo straight! Yeah, right!