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Map Instructions:

CanadianGay Zee Map Instructions

You can access the map here: CanadianGay Zee Map

When you first access the map, you will see the Locked Map warning:

Click the blue links to open the Unlock Box
NOTE: The MAIL KEYS button is disabled.
It only sent the password to me.
The only key/password you need is cangay

Unlock it using the password: cangay ; then click "Unlock" You will now see something like the map page below:


  1. Map Title and description
  2. User menus: Additions/View
  3. Map View Options: Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Terrain
  4. Scroll Control : Up/Down/Right /Left (The middle button will recenter your map on the last search result.)
  5. Zoom Control
  6. Member Icons (Colored penises - pun intended!)
  7. Member Icon Legend :
    red: Anal top
    purple: Anal bottom
    blue: Anal versatile
    yellow: Cocksucking
    green: Fisting
    light green: Mutual JO
    light blue: Watersports
    light yellow: Rimming
    light purple: It's All Good
  8. Search Menu
  9. Member List (hidden by default)
  10. GeoSearch entry box.
    You can use this to search by location name, postal code, or lat/long.
    Click the X to clear.


First, click on the "Additions" menu and pull down to "Marker"
The window below will appear:

Step One: Identify Youself **MOST IMPORTANT - DO NOT SKIP THIS PART!!!**

In the box marked "Title*" put your first name or some other nickname
(Not your email address, although you can use the part before the @)

Step Two: Add your Location: You can do this in several ways:
Option 1:
Fill in your Street address, City, Postal Code (If in the US or Canada),
and select your Country and State (if applicable) from the dropdown menus.
Note: Neither your street address nor your postal code will appear on your map listing!


Option 2: Click/Add your location by using the Zoom and Pan controls (or the grabber hand)
to find your precise location on the large map, then click on "Map Select a location" then immediately
click on your precise location on the map. Your latitude and longitude will appear automatically
in the appropriate boxes.
You can then add your City, State, and Country as you wish.


Option 3: Enter your Latitude and longitude:
Those of you knowledgeable of lattitude and longitude
might prefer this method but I had no success with it. I placed myself in Mongolia!

Step Three: Select Your Icon:
Selecting your sexual preference from the drop-down menu at "Marker"
will assign you a colored penis icon.
(See the Legend Key above, or on the bottom of the map)

Step Four: Place your Marker Icon on the Map
At this time, click the "Submit" button in the bottom right.

*NOTE: At this time another little pop-up window may appear, asking you to choose
your exact location from several. It is usually the first choice.

Click it and then click "Submit" again.
A window similar to this one will appear: DO NOT CLOSE IT YET!

I suggest you copy and paste the blue URL in someplace safe for future use
Click on it now to take you to the editing panel
Bookmark the URL in your browser for future use!

Step Five: Edit Your Info
If you go to the URL from the previous window,
you will see something like this:

Correct or enter any information in the fields and menus marked with *
When you done that, click on the "Details" tab at the top.
You will now see a panel like this:

Fill in the blanks with any information you wish to include, as I have done in red above.
Next, click on the "Media" tab at the top.
You will now see a panel like this:

To add your pic:
Click on the "Browse" button to find a pic on your computer
Enter the URL of a pic you have stored online.
Note: Keep your pic to a reasonable sized jpeg
Somewhere between 25k and 50k will be ample.
(You can also optionally add a sound clip greeting
or a link to your YouTube posting.)
Now click on the "Link" tab at the top
You will see a panel like this:

This shows the same Edit Url as I asked you to bookmark or copy earlier.
If you didn't do so then, copy it now!


Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the panel
You may get a couple of pop-up windows here, asking you to make changes
or whether to move your marker but eventually,
you should see your marker in place on the map
Check that your marker is correctly positioned, then
if you click on the name, you should see something like this:

If your marker was misplaced or misnamed you can correct it here.
Your pic is clickable and will show a full sized pop-up!
Your website is clickable and will open a new window!
Your email address is clickable and will open your email app!
You can edit your info window at any time using the URL you copied
or bookemarked earlier.
As a last resort, you can always ask me to retrieve the URL for you!

1. If you make changes to your marker, they might not appear on the map
until you select "refresh" under the View menu:

2. The Member List on the right is hidden by default.
To view it, click on the "List " under the View menu

OR click on the "Show List" arrows at the top right:

To Search the Map:
Click on the "Search" under the View menu:

The following Search dialogue widow will appear:

Use the fields and drop-down menus to enter your criteria for the search
Then click "Search" (in blue at the bottom of the Search window)
You can now close the search window.
On the map, all the markers, except those fulfilling your search criteria,
will have disaapeared, and in the bottom left, where normally you would see
something like this:

you will now see something like this:

You can check the remaining icons at your leisure
All the hidden icons will remain hidden until you either
Re-open the Search window and clcik on "Reset" at the top
or click the "Refresh" button at the top left of your map
or close the browser and reopen.

Clicking on a legend icon at the bottom of the map will remove those markers.
Clicking a second time will replace them.
Tip: To easily see groups, click all the legend icon markers once,
then click on the icon marker of the group you wish to see.

1. The password is "cangay"
2. Enter your name where it says "Title" on the first panel of the "Add Marker" window!
3. Copy or bookmark the Edit URL on the last panel of the "Add Marker" window!