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Keeping CanadianGay Alive

This poll is now closed. Thanks for your responses AND your generous donations!

Keeping CanadianGay alive as an emailing group will require some cash support. Most listservs are rather expensive, and the free ones are either too basic or have too many restrictions. I have found one, though that is relatively cheap. A small donation by most members would be enough to keep CanadianGay going for a long time.

I am not asking for any money at this time. I am only testing the waters. If enough members show they are willing to help out, then I will proceed. So please make your choice, yes or no, in the box below, and click the Submit Vote button.

NOTE: Please answer this poll, even if you already answered the one I sent from CanadianGay at Io. That one was deleted along with the group.


Paying for CanadianGay
Would you be willing to donate $5 (US funds) to keep CanadianGay going?

Your vote is completely anonymous. There are no obligations.