Kimon the Great

Kimon is from Greece, and sent us these pics of his marvelous dick.
This one is on Kasos in early October.

This is his dick close-up on Kasos.

This one is taken on Tilos, in September.

A nice view on Leros Island.

The rest are taken on Kimolos.

Hellinika Beach, Kimolos.

He called this one "kai sera sera"
which I thinks translates as
"My cock is your cock!"

I think you willl agree that it is a beautiful cock!
He says it is 20 cm soft (8 inches).

In this shot it is almost hard.

I particularly like this rampant shot, which he says is 27 cm long (11 inches!).

He has a pretty nice face to go with it.

A side view

Man! That's impressive!

Just dangling.

If I were there when this shot was taken, I would have lowered myself onto it until I was fully skewered! He truly is "The Great!"

Naked on Evia Island

And in case we forget Kimon has a face,
this is him at home in Kifisia.