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Viral Videos

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Tired of Women?
An info-mercial for being gay. (1:36)
April 2008

Gay Boyfriend
Poking fun at fag hags. (2:16)
May 2008

It's a Football Thing
Is football fandom an excuse for gay sex? (4:45)
Submitted by Over the Rainbow - May 2008

If You Were Gay
With Bert And Ernie (3:15)
May 2008

Mixed Signals:
"How to get gay sex" for Senators. (1:12)
May 2008

Not Gay!
Getting rid of the pubes. (2:57)
May 2008

Don't Fall in Love With a Homo
A cautionary tale for women. (5:40)
June 2008

He Swallowed a Fly!
Things work out in the end. (0:41)
September 2008

How To Use a Condom
Tips for both sexes. (3:00)
September 2008

The Christian Gene
Gay scientists isolate the gene which causes Christians. (1:15)
September 2008

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