CanadianGay Hall of Flame presents:


The guys below are Canadians, but no-one knows who they are. If you can identify any of them, send Ted a message and they will get their own page!

#1 The Unknown Sucker.

He can suck me any time!

#2 Canada Cap

He doesn't even take it off...

...when he is being sucked...

...or when he is fucking!

#3 The Hunk

The member who sent me this says he is a Canadian named Luc or Luke.

#4 The Big Tattoo

Whoever he is, he sure seems proud of his country He may have the initials JSC

#5 Down on the Farm

The pic came anonymously, with the file name "Canada.jpg"
I'd go down on the farm with him!

#6 Quebecois?

This pic arrived in my box with only a file name: quebec.jpg
Does anyone know any more about him?

#7 Maple Butt

This guy gets to sit on his Maple Leaf!

#8 Proud Canadian

I've been told this guy is not even Canadian,
but he sure looks good in a Maple Leaf
so I've made him an honorary member!
(and such a nice member!)

#8 Woodsman

If this guy is not a French-Canadian woodsman, he should be.
He is the perfect stereotype image of one!

#9 Sweater Guy

Guys like this make me proud to be a Canadian.

#10 Vancouver Treasure Trail

A member says he has seen this guy in the baths in Vancouver with an impressive woody.

#11 The Man From Rona

This Canadian guy shops at Zellers and works at Rona.
Do they have a toy department?