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A CanadianGay Illustrated Gay Dictionary




Cam to Cam, meaning the exchanging of web cam feeds; eg, Looking to jack off with someone C2C.

CBT, Cock and Ball Torture:

To bind or cause physical pain to the penis or testicles for sexual pleasure.


Couple, usual heterosexual.


A long, thin instrument used to hit a sexual partner and inflict physical pain for sexual pleasure.


Sexual play involving the insertion of a tube into the penis and urethra to control, prevent or induce urination. Can be used as part of control scenes in BDSM.


Often made of leather, leggings that can be worn over jeans or on bare skin, which zip up on the outside of both legs and don't have any covering over the ass or crotch.

Cheese (Dick Cheese, Smegma):

The substance that can gather under a guy's foreskin, often having a strong smell and taste.


Virginity, never having had anal sex; eg, Looking to get fucked for the first time and lose my cherry.


A young male, generally slim and smooth.

Chicken Hawk:

Someone (generally an older male) with a sexual preference for young men.


A stocky or heavy guy.

Chubby Chaser:

A person who prefers to have sex with larger guys.

Cialis, Cyalis:

A drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction, sometimes taken by gay men to improve and prolong erections during sex.

Circle Suck:

A mutual blowjob, like a 69 but with more players.


Cut, having had the foreskin of the penis removed.


Refers to the sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea.




A small ring (leather, rubber, etc) that is placed at the base of the penis and/or around the testicles to prolong erections by containing blood flow.


Ejaculate, or precum; eg: He was really leaking cocksnot.

Cock Worship:

The act of being sexually focused on the penis and everything related to it; eg, gagging on it, cleaning it with your mouth, tonguing and sucking the balls, drinking piss, swallowing sperm. Often performed by a sub or bottom.

Condom (Rubber, Wrap, Protection):

A latex wrapper placed over the cock before sex to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.


Both (or all) parties agree to engage in acts during a sexual scene.

Cottage, Cottaging:

A UK term for a public toilet, for seeking sex with other men in public washrooms.

Couples Booth (Buddy Booth):

In adult sex venues such as Adult Video Stores, a booth that can either accommodate two men at once, or which has a sliding partition or window into the adjoining booth so both men can see/touch one another although they are in separate booths.

Cristina (Crystal, Crank, Tina, Meth):

Methamphetamine, a drug that acts as a stimulant and causes feelings of enhanced excitement and euphoria, sometimes used by men during sex to increase pleasure. Highly addictive.

Crop (Riding Crop):

A whip-like tool used to hit a sexual partner and inflict pain for sexual pleasure.


Someone who enjoys dressing as the opposite gender.


The act of seeking sex (usually anonymous) with men in public areas.


A young bear. (see bear)


Someone who is married and enjoys his wife having sex with other men. He may watch, or want to join in with them as they fuck.


The act of ejaculating, or the semen itself; eg: I am going to cum. I love to eat cum.



Cum Control:

The act of controlling or delaying ejaculation, either as part of a control scene in BDSM or to extend sexual pleasure.

Cum Dump:

Someone who likes to receive many loads of cum in/on them simultaneously or in the same sexual scene. Can also refer to someone who receives unprotected anal sex.

Cum Eating:

Swallowing someone else's cum.


A burst of ejaculation.

Cum Slut:

A guy who loves to drink large amounts of ejaculate.

Cum Swap:

The exchange of cum from one partner to another usually by mouth to mouth.


Circumcised, having had the foreskin of the penis removed.


Engaging in sexual play online.

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