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A CanadianGay Illustrated Gay Dictionary


D :


Drug and disease free, someone who doesn't use drugs and has no sexually transmitted diseases.

DF :

Can mean drug free, or disease free.

DL :

see: Down low.


A man, generally older, who prefers to play the role of a father figure in sexual scenes.


A sexual scene that involves someone playing an older father figure, and someone playing a younger or more inexperienced male, such as a son or nephew.


A special area in sex venues such as bathhouses where there is minimal light, where men gather to have sex, usually anonymous.

Deep Throat:

The act of sucking a cock until it is completely engulfed in your mouth/throat, and your lips have reached the base of the penis.


Penis, cock.

Dick Cheese (Head Cheese, Smegma):

The substance that can gather under a guy's foreskin, often having a strong smell and taste.


A sex toy, usually cock-shaped, used for sexual penetration.

Dirty Sanchez:

The act of smearing shit under a guys nose in the form of a mustache after fingering his ass. Or making a guy smell your finger after it's been in his ass.


Where one uncut partner wraps his foreskin around the head of his partner's cock, and masturbates them together.

Doggie Style:

Fucking from behind, one partner is generally on all fours with his ass in the air, the other partner mounts him from behind.


A UK term for having sex in public, usually applies to straight couples that hook up for sex in public places.


Someone who enjoys topping sexual partners. eg: I'm a dom. looking for submissives.


The act of topping someone for the purposes of sexual gratification.

Double Penetration, Double Dicking, Double Fuck:

Two guys (two cocks) penetrate one guy's ass at the same time, so the bottom is fucked with two cocks at once.

Down Low :

A term that refers to the practice, generally within the black male community, of having sex with men in secret while otherwise living a typically straight life.


Dressing in clothes traditional to the opposite gender.

Drag Queen:

A man who dresses up as a woman and performs, often singing, dancing or lip-synching.

E :

E.D. :

Erectile function, a medical problem causing the inability to have or maintain an erection.

Eater (cum-eater):

The person who gives oral, and generally swallows his partner's load.


Masturbating to the edge of cumming, and holding of as long as possible.


v. To shoot a load of cum
  n. Cum, jizz, semen.


Inserting liquid into the rectum via the anus. Generally used to clean the ass prior to anal sex, or to stimulate/enhance anal pleasure.


A hard-on, having an erect penis.


A guy who provides sexual services for money.

Exhibitionist, Exhibitionism:

One who derives sexual pleasure from performing sexual acts for others to view, the act of doing the same.

F :

FMF - Female/Male/Female:

A threesome involving two women and one man.

Face Fucking:

The act of thrusting your cock into a partner's mouth, often forcefully.


The act of blowing your load on someone else's face, or having a partner blow their load on your face.


A guy who has sex with or is attracted to other men, usually derogatory.


A guy who gets a blow job and shoots his load into his partner's mouth.

Felch, Felching:

The act of eating, licking, sucking cum out of someone's ass.


To provide oral sex to a partner.


Oral sex, blow job.

Fem, Femmy:

A man who has feminine attributes, either acts or dresses in an effeminate manner.


The act, sometimes forced, of dressing in typically female clothing and acting in a feminine manner.


A sexual fixation/obsession with a specific act, body part, type of person, etc.


Sticking a peeled piece of ginger up your ass to produce a burning sensation and increase sexual excitement.


Digital stimulation, to fuck someone's ass with your fingers.

Fisting, Fist Fucking:

The act of gradually inserting your hand into a guy's ass, and then forming a fist.


A non-erect penis.


A whip-like instrument used to hit a partner for sexual gratification.


A guy, generally in a porn shoot or strip club, who provides sexual stimulation for the actors before they perform.

Foot Fetish:

Someone who has a sexual attraction/fixation for feet.

Foot Job:

Stimulating your partner's cock with your feet.

Forced Milking:

To force a guy to ejaculate repeatedly.


A layer of skin that covers the head of the penis. If someone has their foreskin intact, they are generally referred to as 'uncut.'


The act of rubbing penises together in a non-penetrative way.


To have penetrative sex, eg: - I fucked his ass. I fucked his face.

Fuck Buddy:

Someone you hook up with on a regular basis for sex, but are not in a relationship with.


A guy who has a lot of body hair or who enjoys dressing up/envisioning himself as an animal while having sex.

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