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A CanadianGay Illustrated Gay Dictionary


N :


Not gay identified.


No reciprocation required, when someone wants to suck you off or please you without expecting you to do anything in return.


No strings; no strings attached, sex without any obligation or expectations; eg, Seeking NSA sex.

Naturist, Naturism:

Someone who enjoys being nude; the enjoyment of being nude.

Nocturnal Emissions:

Wet dreams, ejaculating in your sleep.


A spermicide that was once used heavily in contraceptives to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It is now believed to increase risk because it can weaken latex condoms.

Novice, Newbie:

Someone who's new to the scene.

Nude Beach:

A public beach where clothing isn't worn, frequently a cruising spot.


Someone who is obsessed with or consumed by sex.

O :


Over the road, on the road; eg, a long distance trucker is OTR.


Willing to try things that are 'out of the ordinary'.

Open Relationship:

A couple who is in a relationship with one another, but have sex with others outside of the relationship.

Oral Sex:

Stimulating the penis with the mouth, lips, tongue, throat etc.


To climax, cum.


A sex party, sex involving lots of guys at once.


Penis, cock.


A very hairy guy with a small build, much smaller than a bear.

P :


see Prince Albert, piercing.

PNP (Party N' Play):

Using drugs and having sex at the same time.


see: Pissplay.


See 'poppers'.


A term used to describe how convincingly cross dressers, transvestites etc. can 'pass' or appear as the opposite sex; eg: I'm a very passable shemale.


The receptive partner during sex, a guy who prefers to be topped.

Pearl Necklace:

Ejaculating on the chest or neck.


When a cock enters a guy's asshole.


Dick, cock.

Phone Sex:

Engaging in sexual chat over the phone, often while one or both people jack off.


Inserting of metal ornaments through the skin, especially the nipples, penis, and scrotum.


A gay man who frequently indulges in hardcore, raunchy, often bareback hard-core sex.

Pig Play:

Extremely raunchy, hardcore sexual action involving sweat, shit, spit, piss, etc.

Pissplay (Watersports, PP):

Getting sexual pleasure from urinating on a partner, or being urinated on in a sexual scene.


A sexual scene; or getting together for sex. eg: - looking for SM play; or looking to play this morning.

Polar Bear:

A big hairy guy whose fur has turned white or gray.


Having more than one relationship at a time, with all parties aware and consenting to being involved.

Poppers (Amyl, amyl nitrate, PPRS):

A drug (it usually comes in small bottles) that is inhaled through the nose to relax you and increase your pleasure. Often used during anal sex.


Films, videos, images, etc. of sexually explicit acts for the purpose of viewing for sexual pleasure.


Clear fluid secreted from the cock when a guy is sexually aroused, before orgasm/ejaculation. Is generally thought to lubricate the movement of the penis. Precum amounts can vary greatly from guy to guy.

Premature Ejaculation:

A lack of control over orgasm, when a guy ejaculates quickly during sex, or before he or his partner want him to.


A hard cock that does not go soft for over 4 hours. Can often be painful and medically dangerous.

Prince Albert:

A metal hoop like a bull's nose-ring inserted through the knob of the penis, named for Prince Albert, consort of Victoria, who supposedly wore one to strap his massive cock to his leg.


A donut-shaped gland, around the base of the penis, which can be reached via the asshole and which can be very pleasurable when massaged or stimulated during fucking.

Pump, Pumping:

A cylinder placed over the penis, attached to a pump that creates suction within the cylinder, used by men who want to enlarge the size of their cock. Can also mean, the act of thrusting your cock.

Puppy Play:

Behaving and being treated like a puppy. Usually occurs in sexual role-play scenarios.

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