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The Drunk Marine
A retired marine cuises his old haunts for young meat.
By Opium Troubador
Submitted by Mark James

Casual Contact
An older man gets the surprise of his life when a young hottie hits on him in a restaurant.
A story by Mark James

My Pal Joe
A horny trip to the old swimming hole.
By Nick Chamberlain
submitted by Mike

The Marine
Getting it on with a broke, straight marine.
A recollection by Mark James

American Idol
Discussion of Adam Lambert's homosexuality leads to hot times between two long-time buddies.
A story by Mark James

Better Late Than Never
The college fucking was worth the waiting.
by Hunter
submitted by Mike

Nasty Boys
Two boarder-boy street kids experiment with sex and love.
submitted by Mike

That Straight Dude Turned Me On
Teenaged Kevin gets fucked by his brother's buddy.
by Kevin C.
submitted by Mike

Tony's Big Adventure
Tony unexpectedly tries gay sex..
by Bob Vickery
submitted by Mike

Vignettes 1
Three short, short stories of guys getting down and dirty together!
by Mark James

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